Wednesday, September 24, 2003

talk of the town

My sister was ready to file for libel/slander last night. The news broke that there was a leakage in the mercantile law section of the bar exams and Ateneo was being singled out. Nins was fuming because she headed the mercantile law bar ops for Ateneo and only two of their tips actually did resemble the questions. She was eagerly awaiting the news last night but the bar leakage coverage (which didn't mention Ateneo in the newscasts--goodbye Nins' planned lawsuit) had to take the backseat to an issue of greater national importance:

Kris Aquino, talk show host, erstwhile First Daughter and toast of tactless mavens everywhere, filed a blotter complaint on her lover, ParaƱaque mayor Joey Marquez for allegedly hurting her during a violent fight and pointing a loaded and cocked gun at her, allegations that could destroy his supposed bid to run for congressman in the next elections. Read about it at the Philippine Star. It's all over town. The networks had a heyday this morning doing man-on-the-street interviews and getting the people's side.

All in all though, why should we *freaking* care? People at PACER in Camp Crame were right... this is a barangay-level complaint. And -whoa!- Kris already had her lawyers with her. Although Kris is indeed a public figure (one of THE most public figures, baring her private life constantly), I don't think this is a headline-worthy incident. Besides, I could never sympathize with Kris because she was always hooking up with married -albeit separated- men. First, Philip Salvador, with whom she has a lovechild, and because of whom she had a rift with her mother, former President Corazon Aquino. And then the mayor, newly-separated from former sexpot Alma Moreno, a liaison that alienated both her mother and her only brother.

If it's all for show, then shame on her tactless arse! But I don't think that she would go through all of that if it weren't at least partly true. At least, if she really is in a destructive relationship, it's going to end. And of course if this is the way to get back on good terms with her brother (who accompanied her to Camp Crame) and the rest of her family, then something good is indeed going to come out of it.

Headline my a$s. More like fodder for the Filipino rumor-mills. All the better to get the masses' minds off their misery--focus on someone else's.

Yes, we could have another Senate investigation on our hands.

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