Sunday, July 29, 2007

a-shoppin' i went

This made all the sorting through the second-hand piles all worthwhile. It's hardbound and in almost-mint condition. And papa Neil Gaiman supplies the title story.

Also, got a P90 hardbound version of The Historian. Not bad at all.

Last Song Syndrome : I'll Be - Edwin McCain on MTV Rewind

Saturday, July 28, 2007

pink, and snape

I did not mean for this to happen, but apparently, I was in a pink mood yesterday. I usually buy drinks from the supermarket and then just pack them and bring them to work since 7-11 is ridiculously overpriced. These were the last two drinks in my stash yesterday (those are a Gatorade Pink Lemonade and a C2 Strawberry green tea drink), and that is me, in the matching shirt. Well.

Found out that JP from Geeks-for-Hire is from Bacolod, land of my father and his forefathers. When he found out about our Negros roots though, he kept on mentioning our rich relatives who practically own a portion of Quezon City. Well. We are the poor relations after all (the parentals actually met and hooked up while working for them).

Last Song Syndrome : It's still "Snape, Snape, Severus Snape"

Friday, July 20, 2007

just like the good old days

Acute tonsillo-pharyngitis. Three days of sick leave. Sigh. Am not happy. But I really could not go to work, was too weak. Was easier back in StingyCo when unused sick leaves were not convertible to cash. Hate that I am always susceptible to this sickness. I wonder if there's a psychological or mystical reason for this.

On the StingyCo front: of the original group of eight friends there, only Lorny remains steadfast. I've just found out that Mr. and Mrs. DJ and Mama Leah have also filed their respective resignations. I was the first one to leave. It's sad, this. I hope we can stay in touch. Of the Samahang Kyut, our department as of mid-2004, only four "originals" other than Small Big Boss remain. Unfortunately, our former company can't seem to curb the high turnover. Ah, but that's their problem, not mine.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


On the elevator going up to work:

Freaky fun.

Last Song Syndrome : still Sinnerman. I blame Thomas Crown Affair ads.

Monday, July 16, 2007

the phoenix flies

My favorite book in the series remains Prisoner of Azkaban (hence the homage to Sirius in this image URL), but this film has personally been the most engaging and "real" film of the past five. The whimsy and delight of the first films have been replaced by a sense of foreboding brought about by both magical and bureaucratic nightmares. And there is no Quidditch in this movie, the filmmakers opting to spend their time and energy on other scenes that move the plot along at a faster pace, resulting in the shortest film in the series, but also the most absorbing. No bathroom breaks!

As Harry experiences his first kiss ("It was wet," not the way you might think though), he has to come to terms with general disbelief at his claims that Voldemort has truly returned. Add to this the Ministry of Magic's interference in Hogwarts affairs, as manifested by the delightfully wicked Dolores Umbridge, played to perfection by Imelda Staunton, as the Ministry sees headmaster Dumbledore and Harry's claims of You-Know-Who's return as a means to take over the Ministry. The Weasley twins' antics, meanwhile, are a welcome breather from the general heaviness of heart and ill-portent of the majority of the film and provides the modicum of mirth needed in the story.

The young actors are all blossoming, in particular Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (despite playing a decreased role in events). The veterans hold their own, especially Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman, who makes the most of his short screen time by being deliciously creepy and ambiguous. Sometimes loony but otherworldly wise Luna Lovegood is a welcome addition to Harry's posse. And for those who've already read Half-Blood Prince, it is nice to note Ginny Weasley's behavior in this movie.

Who is David Yates again? Well after this movie, he may well be remembered as the person who megged the best Harry Potter film to date. This Harry Potter movie cannot make it as a standalone film--there are too many references to past events--yet it stands out as the essential link in the chain, that turnaround point that could be construed as an analogy of leaving carefree days of childhood and entering the cusp of adulthood. For Harry it's been a long time coming. This time he brings his friends for the journey, and what a journey it is.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in 18 months, and David Yates is once more at the helm. If he could do this with Order, what more could he do with Half-Blood Prince? Anticipation!

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But Alive.

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