Thursday, August 03, 2006

two weeks without a blog

How do the days zip by like that--so inconsiderate of people like me, who seem to be treading water, on the verge of drowning, in the deluge that is "real life". And I don't know where the time goes, it can't be only to work. For an avid multitasker like myself, it's like I'm doubling up but still running out of time. Even my leisure activities are multitasked (think Jeopardy! on TV while doing scrapbooking or surfing the net). But still time seems too short. It could be because I get tired more easily now that I have no form of exercise whatsoever. It could be because, sadly, I am getting old. Or is it really just a state of mind?

Last night I went through my old planners to check friends' birthdays--I do that. I'm a greet-you-on-your-birthday sort of person. I like to celebrate people. I believe that birthdays are happy occasions, not just milestones for getting older, but thanksgiving markers for another year of blessings, another year that you were happy, or could have been happy. On my birthday I am both retrospective and jubilant. But I've stopped counting, of course.

Then there is the matter of strange luck. I've forgotten almost all of Jeffrey Archer's novels and short stories that I've read, but spurred on by a snippet of First Among Equals, I stumbled upon an Author of the Month quiz on the web. Well what do you know, I was sure of only two answers but I got 6 of 10 correct. That is so strange. On some it was sheer blind luck. Or lucky guesses. Well. That's where most of my Jeopardy! answers come from anyway. Perhaps there is a strange repository locked away in my brain. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Unfortunately, it is the strangest things I remember, and some important things I forget.

Will be playing badminton for the first time in five months later. Pray for me. Haha!

Last Song Syndrome : Ch-ch-ch-changes sung by Storm Large on Rock Star: Supernova

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

con come and gone

The Con came and then was gone.

The problem with having priorities is, you have to follow them or else, well, what was the use of setting priorities in the first place? Unfortunately, my priorities for last weekend were servitude to the parentals, necessary purchases of victuals and other supplies, servitude to the corporate master, and New Worlds, in that order. I was no longer able to make time for either the work I brought home or the annual science-fiction and fantasy convention. Alas, the love for Buffy must take a back seat to filial duty and of course, survival through items bought in Cash and Carry.

My consolation was that the small 3 Musketeers bars are back. For the life of me, I cannot consume an entire 3 Musketeers regular size bar in one sitting anymore. And I always have to have water on hand. But man, it still is good.

My life, my life, wherefore art thou, my life?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

just like breathing when it's true


Flowers from Mang Boy and experiments in PaintShop.


Last Wednesday
At this height, rain is pelting the glass windows from the side, and for a while I was entranced by the almost horizontal water patterns splattered onto the windows. Unlike usual droplets hitting the window at a slight angle, theirs was an extended dribble, almost like they were rubbing onto the building, with a strange sound akin to fingers drumming a lonely rhythm on a formica tabletop.


Last Song Syndrome : Free In You - Indigo Girls
And I don't know
How you show
Such gentle disregard
For the ugly in me
That I see
That for so long
I took so hard
And I truly believe
That you see the best in me
I'm in love
We all love
And that thought
Sets me free

Free in you
Got no worries on my mind
I know what to do
That's to treat you right
And love you kind
Thank you ever on my mind
Love is just like breathing
When it's true
And I'm free in you

Sunday, July 09, 2006

sleigh bells ring

Three Christmas gifts were bought yesterday. Right on schedule, because I usually start buying Christmas gifts in July and just stock them until I need them. When I see something I like for one of my friends or relatives, I snap it up right away. Of course, the downside is, sometimes (very rarely) I find something better, and the a few gifts bought usually end up in storage longer than usual or going to someone else. But it helps to be prepared. Less stress and all. And at least I can say that I really took advantage of the sale season. A Divisoria day will be scheduled in September, before the Christmas rush. Then I must decide on the color scheme and/or wrappers for the said gifts. Lots of cute stuff at the Wrap Shop. Hee! Second half of the year na!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

bea: the omen


The malevolent glint in her eyes and her hand cupping my face. Isn't it just adorable? Hehehe!


Tesla/The Five Man Electrical Band

And the sign says "Long-haired freaky people need not apply"
So I put my hair up under my hat and I went in to ask him why
He said you look like a fine outstanding young man, I think you'll do
So I took off my hat, I said "Imagine that, huh, me working for you"

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
F@ckin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign

And the sign says "Anybody caught trespassing will be shot on sight"
So I jumped the fence and I yelled at the house
Hey! What gives you the right!
To put up a fence and keep me out, or to keep Mother Nature in
If God was here, he'd tell it to your face, man, you're some kind of sinner


Oh, say now mister, can't you read
You got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat
You can't watch, no you can't eat, you ain't supposed to be here

And the sign says "You got to have a membership card to get inside" - uh!

And the sign says "Everybody welcome, come in, kneel down and pray"
But then they passed around a plate at the end of it all
And I didn't have a penny to pay
So I got me a pen and a paper and I made up my own f@ckin' sign
I said, "Thank you Lord for thinking 'bout me, I'm alive and doing fine"

Saturday, July 01, 2006

there's no day like today

And I feel, so much depends on the weather
So is it raining in your bedroom?
And I see, that these are the eyes of disarray
Would you even care?
- Plush, Stone Temple Pilots

Friday, June 30, 2006

woe is me, it's payday friday!

I actually left the office at exactly 5:30pm so that I could avoid the crush but it was not to be. There was no Guadalupe jeepney in sight for at least 20 minutes. And after that, they were all filled to the brim. As I was not in the mood to run and jostle around for a place on one of them or the Zapote jeeps(cue in my still-present cough) I decided to have a look-see at the Book Sale at Cityland first. Another twenty minutes of browsing (there was an LoTR omnibus selling for P550, and a Contemporary Home coffeetable book for P750--this is Book Sale?!?!) and I thought the coast could be clear. Unfortunately, it was not. Jeeps were still packed.

I had to take a cab instead, and chanced upon a talkative old driver who was talking up a storm, understandably because of terrible boredom due to the heavy traffic in and around Makati (alas, it's payday Friday!). I learned that he earned an average of 400 a day, used to drive for Japanese expats who were loose with their tips in the early 80s to mid 90s until times changed, and a previous passenger of his had a 70-year-old husband who was still matinik sa chicks. It was actually a nice way to pass the time, including that short treatise on the pine trees planted in front of Toyota Bel-Air ("Sino ba naman mag-aakala no? Diba sa Baguio lang yan?") Yes, Manong. Thanks for the ride!

Last Song Syndrome : Bituing Walang Ningning

Thursday, June 29, 2006

the cost of getting sick

I hate taking sick days. I already have three and a half sick days used up this year, including those taken yesterday and last Monday. Today I took my third-and-a-half sick day. My parents rushed me to the hospital around midnight because I was having really bad stomach spasms which weren't being alleviated by any medicine I took. Two injections and a nap later, I was good to go at 4am. I'm glad I still live with my parents. I was wondering, what if I lived on my own and I experienced that excruciating pain? The neighbors would probably throw me out because of all the racket I was making. All things ending up well, I'm better, and back at work this afternoon.

I didn't use to hate taking my sick leave--at StingyCo, it was one way to keep sane. But now I do, because unused sick days are convertible to cash at GeeksForHire, and if I play my cards right and end up with about 10 sick days at the end of the year, I will probably have enough to buy a new flatscreen TV and DVD player. Er. But of course, it will probably go into the nuptials fund, covering the cost for invitations and souvenirs (not bad).

The ER doctor (who looked like Keri Russell in a strange way) said I had gastritis, which could have been caused by my intake of softdrinks mixed with the medicines I've been taking for my cough and colds. Apparently, it is also caused by emotional stress, like dealing with f*($king contractors and bad weather. Sigh.


PostScript: Medicines prescribed by Keri Russell look-alike amounted to Ps.1,952. What fun. Good thing it's reimbursable here at GeeksForHire (I think).

Monday, June 26, 2006

cool citrus basil

The Bath and Body Works Big Semi-Annual Sale is upon us.

Someone buy me, like, five of these please! I have no idea why I absolutely love this; maybe it smells citrusy (as I am a fan of citrus things), fresh and natural, it's almost as light as baby cologne, but the basil gives it an edge (aside from it being one of my favorite herbs).

Feh. Been sick. As such I don't make much sense. Hope to be back at work tomorrow. I've lost a substantial amount because of my two sick days this year, as unused sick days are convertible to cash at GeeksForHire.


I look outside and the sky is very gray, even for 5:30pm. It's rainy season already, and I groan with displeasure.

Friday, June 23, 2006

raindrops and roses and payroll

I don't know what sort of folly this is. I have severe muscle pains, the beginnings of full-blown cough and colds, a headache and a slight fever. And yet, here I am, about to leave for work. Viva la GeeksForHire! We have an important deliverable today which I was trying to finish yesterday afternoon but since I was already feeling bad, I left early. Unfortunately, the feeling only worsened last night and this morning, here I am, groggily typing this up. And best of all, there is only P40 in my wallet. Extreme wallet death, to be sure. Good thing it's sweldo today. (These are a few of my favorite things...)


ETA: Er. From the office now. I left my freaking ATM at home! So I still have P40 in my wallet since I rode with the zeester coming to work. At least I will be able to get home safe and sound on le Guadalupe jeepney.

Last Song Syndrome : that freaking First Day High commercial

Monday, June 19, 2006

time well-spent

Rea and JP's birthdays are both around the end of May. It was a blue theme for their gifts, choosing and wrapping which took out a chunk of time from the already toxic schedule, but it was time well-spent (as is blogging time).

jp + rea

Thursday, June 15, 2006

what is practically the second job

This is what has been occupying my time for the past few months (aside from work):
the primary preoccupation
Just a few months to go!

the future room
The future room and the Makati quarters after -eherm- planned nuptials, haha!

One of the enjoyable things about planning a house...

Last Song Syndrome : Fill It Up Again - Indigo Girls

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

notes from all around

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders will be voicing Miss Forcible and Miss Spink in the Coraline film! I so miss watching Absolutely Fabulous. Got this link from the Gaiman's blog: French and Saunders go animated. And freaky Dakota Fanning rounds out the cast as Coraline, of course. Next I want to see Dakota Fanning in a Tim Burton movie. Or has she already been in one?

I totally enjoyed the straight-to-video Mirrormask and fell in lurrve with Stephanie Leonidas. Of course, have been in lurrve with Gina McKee since Notting Hill.

Still have to watch Cars. Or even Manay Po. Mwahahahaha! Others on the must-see list are PotC: Dead Man's Chest, Superman Returns, The Break-up (even of Bespren M said it was catatonic much, still... Jen and Vince! hee!), Clerks II and of course A Scanner Darkly. And The Princess Bride, Dread Pirate edition DVD is now on sale, be still my beating heart! This is a new one, right? It has the Dread Pirate mockumentary. Yay for Dread Pirates! Haha!

Monday, June 12, 2006

cr: a true story

I am sitting on the toilet seat in the middle cubicle of our speckled gray-tiled bathroom, pants done up, sneaking in a few pages of Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister when suddenly, from the other cubicle: "Ma'am?" Then, murmured: "Sino kaya ito?"

"Ako po ba?" I ask. Does this person know I'm surreptitiously reading when I'm supposed to be churning out brilliance as one of the GeeksForHire here at RedTapeCentral?

"Ma'am, pasensya na po, masama kasi yung tiyan ko..."

Is she actually telling me that she's going to go number two?!?!?!

"Wala pong problema..." I say, but she is insistent in her apologies. "Normal lang yan," I continue. But I hurriedly pack my book away. "Nababalisawsaw naman ako," I tell my unseen converser to explain my rather lengthy stay in the bathroom (because apparently she has been there a while, contemplating on her upset stomach and/or waiting for me to get out). "Pero patapos na ako."

"Sasabayan ko na lang ng flush," I hear her say from the handicapped bathroom. Well, that's what I would usually do too when I go number two here in the office. But I don't tell the other people, eh? I figure she is a very open and communicative person. Hee.

I get out of there in a jiffy. Happily, I do not even catch a whiff of her "wrongdoings," for which she had been so apologetic. But I'm glad that there are some people who are so considerate. Meanwhile, personally, I would not have announced it, but would have done with the "sabay-ng-flush" routine if there had happened to be other people in the restroom while my stomach was acting up. But of course, nothing beats going number two in your own comfy bathroom, with a stack of magazines to leaf through, and Cool Water-scented incense smudging the smell of your perceived iniquities. An accompanying cigarette wouldn't be bad at all.

In hindsight, I realize that it could have been my Higher Power telling me to get back to work. Which I did. But only for a while, and then I started writing this.

Last Song Syndrome : the freaking national anthem

Saturday, May 27, 2006

a short rebirth, and for the love of raisinets

There is a flicker of hope that one day, I can return to the blogging world. Sometimes I do post at the friendster blog, but these are few and far between. Sigh.

Occupying my mind:
  • House construction
  • Furnishing the new blue room
  • Serving as support for the mother-unit as she decides how to construct and furnish the rest of the house
  • Designing the zeesters' and my closets
  • Facilitating a good relationship between the parentals and the S.O.
  • Making baby steps towards wedding plans
  • Sad to say, work. Sigh.

    Oh well. I miss reading everyone's blogs. My blog layout is so OOOLLDDD! Maybe, sometime soon, resurrection will come.

    I knew the Raisinets tasted a little off when I bit into them. They tasted... pedestrian... so unlike the Raisinets that I enjoyed constantly during my few-month-long love affair with Raisinets about 6 years ago. I turned over the pouch, and there I saw the source of my ill feelings: apparently Raisinets are now manufactured by Goya under license from Nestle, Switzerland. It's not the same.

    I remain true to 3 Musketeers.

    Last Song Syndrome : Bagay ba sa kin ang kuloooot