Thursday, September 11, 2003

A day without the internet

...was like watching Pirates of the Carribean without Johnny Depp; having Black Forest cake without the cherry; playing badminton for three hours without water breaks. Ok so that last one was overboard, but my websurfing is pretty much the icing on my work-day cake: good enough without it, great with it...

Apparently I just needed to change my proxy settings because they were moving the servers around... ah, poor me, am not tech support so am not privy to these things. Poor tech guys (just three) are so swamped with work what with our relocating office and integrating new systems that they're rarely seen in the office anymore. I think they're bordering on cranky, spread really thin. And here I am complaining that I don't have internet... my lifeline to the rest of the world! Here I am pouting about not having internet access today and they're on the verge of breakdown. At least Kim KS sent us chocolates. Nice picker-upper.

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