Saturday, May 27, 2006

a short rebirth, and for the love of raisinets

There is a flicker of hope that one day, I can return to the blogging world. Sometimes I do post at the friendster blog, but these are few and far between. Sigh.

Occupying my mind:
  • House construction
  • Furnishing the new blue room
  • Serving as support for the mother-unit as she decides how to construct and furnish the rest of the house
  • Designing the zeesters' and my closets
  • Facilitating a good relationship between the parentals and the S.O.
  • Making baby steps towards wedding plans
  • Sad to say, work. Sigh.

    Oh well. I miss reading everyone's blogs. My blog layout is so OOOLLDDD! Maybe, sometime soon, resurrection will come.

    I knew the Raisinets tasted a little off when I bit into them. They tasted... pedestrian... so unlike the Raisinets that I enjoyed constantly during my few-month-long love affair with Raisinets about 6 years ago. I turned over the pouch, and there I saw the source of my ill feelings: apparently Raisinets are now manufactured by Goya under license from Nestle, Switzerland. It's not the same.

    I remain true to 3 Musketeers.

    Last Song Syndrome : Bagay ba sa kin ang kuloooot