Friday, September 19, 2003

Glider Logbook

The Glider Logbook is up and about. Although I'm the only one who's posted so far.

In our early college days (more than a few years ago), a motley bunch of Engineering honors class kids and some friends searched for a common tambayan on the congested DLSU Main campus and found a shed where baseball players usually hung out during afternoon training but which was pretty much free during the rest of the day. Actually battled it out with some Liberal Arts honors class kids for the first few weeks, but only we could withstand the sandstorms, vile odors fomr the College Canteen kitchen, and the baseball team invasions in the afternoons.

Eventually, the baseball team stopped invading and placed their stuff on a row of benches opposite the shed. Bleachers and tables were stored there and became additional space and trump battlegrounds. The vile odors and sandstorms continued but we staunchly defended the shed--the shed that eventually became known as The Glider. It even had a mascot, a scruffy cat that was always scrounging for scraps behind the canteen--Fifi. And so, a shed/booth that could normally seat eight became the home for 27-odd ODD people known as the Glider Friends.

The logbook saga began early in freshman year. We went through around seven notebooks, none of which I am able to locate as of now. I forget what was in it except for DaMike's ever-memorable "Uses of a Glider Friend". But I know that it was a treasure trove of information and insight into a crazy bunch of almost-nerds, sometimes-snooty, often-weird, simply wonderful gifted children. Gifted with each other's friendship.

[Anakanaman Anaximenes!]

The Glider is:
Adele * DJie * Rianne * Paul * Jojo * Andrew * Joan * Andre * Darwin
Garry * Mandy * Mike * Maita * Bryan * RonMac * Tennee * Edwin
Denise * Boogie * Manel * GeeAnn * Norman * Aldo * Louie * Via * Chep
(Phyllis * Cheryl * Roy * Jenny * Pia)

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