Wednesday, September 17, 2003

99 days

99 days until Christmas, or so they said on TV and the radio this morning. Have I mentioned that I'm a total sucker for Christmas?

Christmas Day and my birthday always fall exactly eight weeks apart each year, and the approach of both occasions always fills me with eager anticipation, albeit also with a few financial concerns. I'll talk about my birthday some other time but Christmas--let's just say that I'm already halfway through my Christmas list. I don't know why I really like Christmas! I really enjoy giving gifts, figuring out whom to give what, picking out wrappers, checking names on my list.

I've tried to attach spiritual significance to it, but I've never been an overly spiritual person: regular Catholic rituals, daily prayer and all, but never catechism, much less parish activities. But I do have a thing for the birthday of the risen Lord. Maybe it has to do with my being a shopaholic. I thoroughly enjoy finding stuff.

So, 99 days before Christmas I already have 70% of gifts for the office, 25% of godchildren's and relatives' gifts, and a wrapping paper color scheme. Perhaps that's where my obsessive-compulsive aspect lies--and I thought I didn't have one!

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