Monday, September 22, 2003

and over the weekend

  • Played badminton for five hours (three hours in Reposo) then 30mins break to go to C5 and two more hours in Shuttle's Best... nice. I was actually up to a few more hours the next morning but I woke up late then I had to go to church. Felt good, although the last few games I was just really panting more than I was running. Badminton rules!
  • One small step for Ri's credit card, one GIANT LEAP towards organization. Bought plastic crates, plastic document cases and a CD wallet at SM. As I've said before and I will say again--my kind of store. Too bad that there's a strike right now. As I've also mentioned before, though, apathy rules. I give little contributions though, kind of like guilt money from having been able to save money by buying from the employers that caused them misery. On the other hand, I have my SM Advantage card already. Furthermore, I realized that a lot of cheap stuff, ends up making one big bill. Hehe. Got raffle tickets, though.
  • Visited my good friend Angela at the hospital. She had turbinoplasty, an operation where the turbinates (what the heck?!) somewhere around the back of her nose were cleaned because they were really clogged. Which is bad, as the word 'clogged' almost always seems to imply, be it to turbinates, arteries or drains. She had an end of thread (from the stitches) coming out of each nostril and taped to her nose. Looked quite funny, actually. Was also the first time that she had general anesthesia, which my mother blames for her forgetfulness and Jenny agrees that it's nakakabobo.
  • Visited Ange with Jenny, best friend and neighbor, whom along with myself, Angela and Adele formed our High School group, Ratio. Yes, we were freaking geeks. Jenny, meanwhile, had gone up to Baguio to compete in the San Mig Lite Enduro race, and gutsily reached up to the 12th (of 14) markers before passing out due to dehydration. Five hours of badminton, yes, I can take that, but a grueling race with uphill biking and carrying the mountain bike--hay, that's much much more than what this feeble, sedentary-living body of mine can take! Jenny is my hero, though, always pushing herself to the limits. I just can't take the dehydration, gashes and sprains that come along with it!
  • When last seen, Rovic was frantically rushing to Eds's bedside because he had signed for his wife's euthanasia, but changed his mind at the last minute after talking to Eds' best friend Badong. If you know that I'm talking about, then that's great! We're all jologs!
  • Slept for ten hours (from 10pm to 8am) Saturday night. Saraaaap.

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