Thursday, September 18, 2003

end of day

Long day of training on the agency compensation system. Actually I kinda bluffed my way through most of it.

Brought Becky's Kitchen cakes this morning to celebrate my third year in the company. I don't know why I celebrate this. One cake was a thank-you for Joel.

See my LoTR desktop on Ger's blog. Ewan, don't want to post it here. Hehehe. Baduy eh. Masyadong fangirl. Good thing nga it isn't Spike/James Marsters anymore. My fantasy bloke's 41 years old na pala! -And we have the same favorite Buffy episode, "Once More, With Feeling", the musical ep!

Am the only one left in the office. Cute. And me such a scaredy-cat sometimes. Goodness... are those footsteps I hear...?

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