Friday, January 30, 2004

awards crazy

They say that the Broadcast Film Critics' Association awards are the new harbinger of the Oscars. It used to be the Golden Globes. Well either way, it signifies a win for Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I like the BFCA awards because they gave out a Best Acting Ensemble award... and of course it went to the RoTK crew. No one particularly shone enough to have an individual acting award (although a lot of people say Andy Serkis should have been commended), but the ensemble cast, as a whole, came together wonderfully and really fleshed out the story. And of course I'm biased.

Actually I don't know why I'm all crazy over awards during the first quarter of the year. Hollywood awards, mind you, not your FAMAS, or FAP, or Star Awards or Urian (although sometimes I do check out the Star Awards for Television). Of course I figure it's because I watch a whole lot of Hollywood movies compared to Filipino movies; and of course there's all that glitz and glamour. And as for the Oscars, there's always the entertaining stuff like the intro (people are betting on whether Billy Crystal will be dressed as a Hobbit or as -Captain- Jack Sparrow), unlike the Golden Globes which are pretty darn straightforward. I always like rooting for the films that I actually watched and liked, and this year, more than ever, it seems personal because one of my most favorite movies of all time is nominated--The Return of the King, culmination of that epic trilogy, just must win. It's nice to affirm something that you just love.

move over, viggo and orli
I totally like Orlando Bloom. I like the way he looks and the way he gives interviews. I like the movies choices that he has made (or rather that his agent has made for him). But most of all, I like him for giving a face to one of my most beloved characters in the Lord of the Rings saga. However, I think that Orli has gone too mainstream for my comfort. I don't like it when my crushes (eeek! high school term!) get that way; case in point: Ricky Martin. When Menudo first came over everyone was all Charlie and Robby Rosa, but I liked the runty Ricky Martin. I had the tapes, posters, pins, anything I could get a hand on. When he was all grown and still just known in Puerto Rico and just had small guest spots in some daytime soaps, I was still singing his praises. But once Livin' La Vida Loca made waves, I think I stopped paying attention. The same seems to be true of Orlando Bloom, although I will always consider him cute, he's way too mainstream for me. Ayokong may ka-share.

Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom are the main hunks--alpha males if you may--of the LoTR films. However, there are two underrated but quite crush-worthy other men in the LoTRverse and I don't go for hobbits or wizards. Eomer (Karl Urban) and Faramir (David Wenham) are both quite remarkable actually. Physically, Urban with the looks of a professional (no-it's-not-playacting) wrestler, and Wenham with a more handsome and intellectual look. Eomer... well, he was more a brawns type of fellow for me, but Karl Urban reminds me so much of Test (whom I liked once upon a time in WWF!) that I liked him. Hehe. How superficial. Eomer, as with Legolas, represents a staunch warrior class; as opposed to Aragorn and Faramir who were the "administrators". In the books, I actually liked Faramir more than Aragorn... maybe it was the circumstances of his life and how he coped with a disturbed father and still turned out okay. I'm glad that he eventually married Eowyn (not in the movie--but if you were maintriga enough you would wonder why they should be side by side at Aragorn's coronation when they didn't know each other).

So there. I also like Billy Boyd, and of course Elijah Wood's skin is quite to-die-for, but as I said, I don't go for hobbits. I'd cheer one of them on for Best Director at all award-giving bodies though (all hail Peter Jackson!).


Want to have a Claddagh ring made... much like this one:
Claddagh Ring

I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm totally in love with Celtic lore, brought about by constant consumption of the Avalon novels of Marion Zimmer Bradley (best known of which is The Mists of Avalon, general Arthurian prose, and Celtic music (am saving up to buy The Celtic Circle).

The Claddagh ring symbolizes "let love and friendship reign," and what truer things are there than that? There are also different ways to wear the Claddagh ring, it's said. On the left hand, with the heart pointing towards the wearer, it signifies that the wearer is married. On the right hand, with the heart pointing inward, it signifies that the wearer is spoken for. And finally on the right hand with the heart pointing outwards, it signifies that the wearer is loveless (or rather euphemistically, "free"). So obviously, that's the way I'm going to wear it, if ever. I don't know if anyone makes these in the Philippines, although I think it's going to cost quite a lot if I'm going to commission something like this. Oh well. Worth giving some thought to; after, of course, I buy the Celtic Circle CD and the extended editions of Fellowship... and Two Towers...

Thursday, January 29, 2004

don't know how to feel

Have just found out that am no longer emcee nor pseudo-coordinator at DnA's wedding because her sister is paying for a wedding coordinator as a gift for her. Actually part of me is sighing with relief because that means that I won't be doing so much on that day, it won't be so hectic. But really, I don't know how to feel. Because I really wanted to help them out on their special day and it looks like the ways I know how to help them out have been taken over by the coordinator. I know that she will do a good job because she did a good job at the sister's wedding but.. well... maybe am just a little disappointed. And feeling irrelevant. Oh well. Am OA anyway.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

from all around

Forgot to un-tick the "Show Pictures" box in Internet Explorer after surfing a photo site. I have to NOT show pictures so that it isn't very obvious that I'm surfing the web during office hours (bad bad bad!)...


Have only PhP100 in my wallet (good thing D. paid me for the gifts of J&J). Payday is on Friday yet. Have to call in all receivables within the next two days, about PhP600 worth. I don't want to touch any money I've set aside. I still have to pay for all the affidavits of loss and the card replacement fees (argh!!!).


I like those Mars rovers. Call me a sucker for anything interplanetary but it's so exciting. I know interplanetary travel won't occur in my lifetime... but who knows... maybe in my next... Hehe.


I don't know if this is a legal copy but there's a copy of a Willow and Tara comic book on the web here. It's a very simplistic story. But it's still Willow and Tara. Oh well.


Am currently reading London by Edward Rutherford. I read his Sarum a few months back. I have this thing for epic sagas about places in England right now--am entranced by their history and culture. Maybe because it was so well-documented, and maybe because they really were a great empire and (are) a great people.


and then of course, I couldn't resist:
the Golden Globe commentary

What can I say. RoTK won! (news here) I hope the winning ways continue all the way to the Oscars. I do love Tolkien and I love that his work placed in Peter Jackson's able hobbit hands has been recognized so. I hope that more people will read the Lord of the Rings and share in that wonderful experience that I went through twelve years ago, and will undertake again in the near future (yes, it's on my reading list).

Have to go get Lost in Translation at the dread pirate den. Am quite intrigued by Sofia Coppola's tale. Props to the Angels in America cast. I wasn't able to catch the run here staged by Monique Wilson and company; I definitely won't miss the miniseries--I mean, hello! Streep and Pacino! And Emma Thompson. Whoopee! It was quite a good awards ceremony... I think a lot of deserving people won. Although I felt bad for the ending series Friends and Sex and the City, they were shut out except for Sarah Jessica Parker's award.

Charlize Theron was such a vision, and so cute in her acceptance speech. Al P. sounded drunk (there *was* free-flowing champagne after all). And I'm glad that Sean Penn won. Clint Eastwood accepted for him and said that Sean Penn was consistently good, which is why he was constantly overlooked. Oh yeah, I do want to watch Mystic River. Alvin was telling me to come watch with him before but I couldn't really. Ah, thank goodness (-or is it thank crime?) that there are dread pirate dens.

Monday, January 26, 2004

not in this life

Heard it last night when Nins and Ge were watching an old Alias ep. I knew that voice! It was her (I love Natalie!). I really like this song's lyrics, too. Oh well. Here they are before I go for the day:

Not In This Life
Natalie Merchant

Lately I've been walking all alone through the wind and through the rain
Been walking through the streets and finding sweet relief
In knowing that it won't be long.
Lately it's occurred to me that I've had enough of that
And lately I've been satisfied by simple things
Like breathing in and breathing out.

Never again, not in this life, will I be taken twice.
Never again, never on your life, will I make that same mistake.
I can't make it twice.

Lately it's occurred to me exactly what went wrong.
I realized I compromised, I sacrificed far too much for far too long.

Never again, not in this life, will I be taken twice.
Never again, not on your life, will I make that same mistake.
I can't make it twice.
Starting out from here today, swear I'm gonna change my ways.
Once mistaken in this life but never twice.

Never again, not in this life, will I be taken twice.
Never again, never on your life, will I make that same same mistake.
I can't make it twice.
Starting out from here today...


What a wonderful coincidence.

Last Saturday, Polish girl sang I Don't Know How to Love Him at World Idol competition. And I had just watched Lea's wedding. I thought it would be nice to have I Don't Know How to Love Him and On My Own in the same CD. Was actually thinking of having something burned.

And then today, Maleen tells me that there're (dread pirate) CDs at the food court. Aha! I find a "best of Broadway" CD... and both songs are there. Quite happy actually. For PhP50 a pop? So good, since payday is so far away (Friday).


Saw D.'s recent (as in about five weeks) ex, G. at the mall. With another guy. Nosey person that I am, texted D. that I saw her. But I didn't say with a guy. He asked. So I said yes. He asked what the guy looked like, etc. To the point of CALLING. Was actually excited because I thought it was AB calling (they're in the same "caller group"), but it was D. asking MORE QUESTIONS!

At least I know that however nonchalant he acts hereabouts and whatever moves he's making on K., he's still truly and utterly affected by their breakup... maybe more than he dares to admit. Oh well. Of course this always goes against my wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve philosophy, but of course there's the fact that he's a guy after all, not to mention I'm supposed to be able to keep my emotions in check.

But then, what's wrong with being affected? Your being with a person for years, then suddenly, they're out of your life... that's quite painful and more often than not, it'll take more than five weeks, sometimes more than half a year, for you to get over the thought of losing them. Even if, actually, you've gotten over THEM. Just not gotten over the thought of being alone. Again. Naturally.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

valid excuse

Apparently he left the cellphone at home yesterday. Of course now it's taking him three hours to answer texts. Oh well. I know when I'm not wanted.

walking around

I parked far from the office because I didn't want to pay for parking. I'm going to stay here almost the whole day and it's going to cost me PhP100 again--I don't think so. Anyway, on my walk to the office I saw a peculiar thing on the sidewalk--an unused orange condom. Quite interesting actually. It was on the sidewalk near the from of the BDO branch on Alfaro. Actually I had never seen a colored prophylactic before--the ones that we blew up during one particularly rowdy bridal shower were all white. So there. That was a first.

Walked back to the car because I went to Greenbelt for a while in the morning. I had to get this receipt that we had left last week--or else I wouldn't be able to reimburse the PhP1350 that I paid for dessert one time at Bubba Gump. At the same time I had digital pictures printed at the Konica kiosk at the skywalk going to Greenbelt 4. Quite interesting. Their handling fee is fixed regardless of the number of pictures and since I had 47 pictures printed, I think it was worth going there for. Also it only took an hour, compared to the shops here near the office

The sale at Powerbooks was calling me... but of course since I don't have any of my credit cards, I was quite powerless. [Nice title--Powerless at Powerbooks] I was able to resist the temptation to buy the History of Lord of the Rings (Christopher Tolkien's annotated version of his father's LoTR trilogy), JLA Riddle of the Beast graphic novel (I saw the hardbound one and I wanted it! this one would be alright at 20% off), and a whole lot of other books that were calling my name (books are always calling my name). Am seriously thinking of selling my Griffin and Sabine boxed set to finance the LoTR history... I wonder which is more collectible.

Didn't go in the Nike store, it was on sale and I might regret buying my new shoes... Passed by I AM also along the walkway, quite high-end shoes but they didn't look good, I wonder why. Maybe it was also the lighting of the place, it looked so drab. Went into Montage, there was a treasure trove of stuff there too. I think it's also owned by the same people who own Fully Booked and Sketchbooks because I saw some stuff there that was also in Fully Booked and Sketchbooks. There were also (what I believed to be) rare CDs, mostly classical, blues and new age; jewelry; and some expensive magnetic games. But there's more... there were original drawing of comic books (G! will have to tell me what they are called), although from comics that I didn't really have any feel for... and there were lightsabers!!! Original signed ones. Wow. Count Dooku's, Darth Maul's and an old Darth Vader. Kewl.

Oh well. Nothing to buy. Good. Got the pictures, the receipt, and then went back to the office. The orange condom was still there. Was able to parallel park quite well, thank you. I think I'm getting the hang of how much angle there should be. I think I should walk around more, if only I weren't scared of getting mugged.


AB seems to be pointedly ignoring me. I've texted him a few times and I even tried calling but to no avail. And to think we used to talk with and text each other quite a lot. There might actually be a valid reason--but still. I guess it just hurts to be ignored; to be irrelevant. Especially if you thought that other person was your friend.

friday five

At this moment, what is your favorite...

Of course I won't stop at just one. Riders of Rohan from LoTR Two Towers OST; Powerless by Nelly Furtado; and Michael Buble's rendition of Moondance.

Penne Al Telefono from Cibo and Act II Kettle Corn--don't ask

3. show?
CSI. Am eagerly awaiting the start of the fourth season on AXN.

4. ...scent?
Sexy Graffiti by Escada; and Bath and Body Works Cool Citrus Basil. One really sugary and sexy [for me, at least]; the other very clean and green.

5. ...quote?
Eowyn to the Witch King: I am no man! [and cheers erupt] Maybe am also particularly mad at men right now... teehee!

two men

Got treated last night to two guys who make most of the rest of the male population look so bad: Lea Salonga's new hubby Rob Chien and Bachelorette Trista's new hubby Ryan. I don't know. Girls who have boyfriends/husbands who aren't particularly that romantic are going to swoon and it's going to be bad to compare them to these two guys, who are the height of romantic. I'm sure there are other guys out there equally or even more romantic than these two, but last night's double header (Lea and Rob's wedding on Ch. 2 and then the first episode of the special on Trista and Ryan's wedding on Ch. 23) was all too sugary. Hey, I like sugar.

Ryan, the poetry-spouting firefighter who won the Bachelorette's heart, had proposed marriage and of course, to prove that there was some sense to these reality shows (seeing as most every reality-show couple has divorced or broken up or what), ABC decided to continue covering their wedding planning and the nuptial ceremony itself. I haven't seen the wedding yet--last night they just replayed highlights from the last episodes of the Bachelorette--but just from that, from the poem to the constantly loving look in his eyes, you'd definitely fall for the guy. Sigh. It doesn't hurt that he's tall and has Josh Hartnett eyes, too.

Meanwhile, I will forever remember Rob Chien as the 'crying guy'. He cried when Lea said 'yes' to his proposal, he cried so much at their wedding. But it was wonderful to watch. They seemed the perfect couple, two mature individuals who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Lea, who has been, among others, Kim, Eponine, Tuptim, and the singing voice of Jasmine and Mulan, is now Mrs. Rob Chien, in the culmination of what seems to have been (hey from all the press releases) a mature, intellectual and romantic courtship.

E. and I were texting each other how much we were crying too. Well, she was crying, I was teary-eyed. It was so beautiful and of course, since Rob (naks, first name basis) was crying, it didn't take much for our tears to fall. Lachrymal disorder and stuff. Maybe it was because we would like to swept off our feet that way, to know that a guy loves us that much. We both aren't in relationships right now, and maybe that played a part in our sentimentality. Finally, though, it was really just a joy to watch. Weddings always are, especially your friends' weddings. And, growing up with Lea Salonga always in my periphery, she seems to have become an imaginary friend. Happy for her, lots.

And so I quote one of Lea's songs, The Journey--
What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

Thursday, January 22, 2004

new things

new license
Spent about an hour at the LTO in Makati this morning. But am glad, I finally have the new license. Dad insisted we get a 'fixer' and I felt so bad about it, but nevertheless I think it hastened things up because some people were there before we were and I was done before they were, and they didn't have to replace their license (there's more paperwork and stuff and they're supposed to be stricter when you lose it, I think). So there. I have a temporary license that's valid until June 22. And then I have to go back and get my real card. Oh well. The hassles of wallet loss.


new shoes
Splurged a bit last weekend (when I still had my credit cards, before I lost the wallet). I bought a pair of Reebok Pristine III Low cross-trainers in White/Powder Blue/Carbon. They have non-marking soles so that I can use them in those snooty places that won't allow you to play on their beloved taraflex unless you're in gum soles or non-marking soles. Oh well. And since they were relatively cheap (2k), I still had some money left over from my budget so I went and bought a pair of sneakers. Just Trets, that's all I could afford. The Pumas were worth a look (since people are saying they are so in now) but they were a bit too masculine for me. Call me dull or what, I just got off-white sneaks.


new place 1
Went to Vox, this videoke-bar-thingy along Alfaro, near our old office. Only the second time I have been to a videoke bar (the one where everyone can hear you sing and not those private rooms). [The first time I was with Co-conspirator at the type of bar where there are girls you can table. Not a good experience. It was hangover night.] This one was more fun, and the head of our billing department did render a song. Guys in the other table were quite rowdy; actually found one of them cute, the clown of the group who actually had a good singing voice. Ah feh.


new place 2
Ry introduced me and Allan to Pete's Place (or is it Pete's place?), this converted garage behind a gym where some people jam during weekends. It's very much a private thing, and I'm glad we got invited (again, thanks to Ry). Before that, though, when there weren't any people at Pete's Place yet, we were at the home of Mrs. M., mother of Ry's ex-boss M. Mrs. M. is an actress and a grow-your-own-herbs enthusiast. She was such a nice person, which I think I was surprised to discover, because the characters that I've grown accustomed to her playing on TV were usually intimidating women.

Things started heating up around 11:30pm and boy, could those guys play. It was an eclectic mix of music. Ry sang a couple of songs (wonderful voice this girl) and I got to hear a lot of gossip on the side. Ry said that she was planning to have me date TM (brother of M) before, although that never materialized. I think he used to come out in movies too, although more of the adult genre. Who knows, there may yet be something else new there.


Am just reminded of the Emirates (?) commercial airing on cable: When's the last time you did something for the first time? I'm glad that I decided to try out some new things. I've never been a thrill-seeker or very outgoing, but I think it's healthy for you to do that every once in a while.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

tongue twister

Amidst the mists and coldest frosts,
With stoutest wrists and loudest boasts,
He thrusts his fists against the posts,
And still insists he sees the ghosts.

and i like this because...
it was featured in It by Stephen King (the last two lines at least), one of my most favorite stories of all time... one of the few horror stories that I actually read through. Bill used it to defeat the malevolent clown. And now you know why I have an inherent dislike of clowns.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

another reason

why losing a wallet is like losing a boyfriend.

You're suddenly spurred on to write about the loss.


not exactly losing your best friend
but somewhat close

I lost my wallet.

I'm not even sure where or how I lost it. I just know that I last took it out of my bag when I bought some stuff at Cash and Carry last Sunday. I then lost track of it because keeping my wallet was just second nature to me; I never really take another look at it once it's in my bag. Apparently I could have lost it there (could have left it at the cashier); I could have been the victim of a pickpocket in Cash and Carry; I could have left it in GP's car; I could have dropped it at the curb where we parked. Realize that I spent the whole night thinking of every possible angle.

Maintaining a wallet is tantamount to investing emotionally. My wallet wasn't just my carry-all for things financial, it was a trophy for my triumphant sale find, a repository of cute ID pictures (me and Jen, Justine, Bong and his girlfriend), a brief history of my credit card expenses (because all the receipts were there). I lost the Rustans discount card on which I spent more than a year accumulating purchases. I lost my old SIM card (memories of 5333909). I lost four ID pictures, a good pasta recipe and the receipt for my digicam warranty.

But a wallet is just that: a wallet. A thing. And no matter how emotionally attached you are to it, if you could get over losing a boyfriend of four-and-a-half years... you get my drift. I've realized now that I've been less attached to stuff lately, both tangible things and what could be termed as emotional baggage. A wallet is a wallet is a wallet. It's going to be a hassle replacing it but I'm going to manage. I'll find the right wallet and be able to reconstruct most of what was lost there.

I figure it's some form of hubris, but I haven't been a spectacular asshole about things--they've just been going a bit better than usual lately. Maybe God's jolting me because I haven't thanked him enough. Oh well. The things that go through your mind when you lose something important to you. They say that losing your wallet is much like losing your significant other. Of course, all sorts of things go through your mind when you lose someone that important too. I think what's important is not to blame yourself. Sure, you may have been careless and it could have entirely been your fault but you can't dwell on that because there's so many things to do after that! You may have to rethink your safety measures, you may have to strategize about replacement, or you may decide that you can live without it for the time being, but what's important is you're concentrating on the future and not dwelling on the past.

There are the stages, of course: You go through denial (yesterday: "No, it's at home. I just left it at home." "Ah, it's probably just in GP's car."). And then there is a burst of anger (around midnight: "Baaaah-keeeet!!! Bahket nawala!!! Masama ba akong may-ari?!"). There is some grief (around 3am: "Huhu... Esprit pa naman yun na 60% off..."). And then as the morning light comes streaming through the faux skylight, some acceptance. I had to get to work, finalize the blocking of the cards, and face the world. There are some things I still can't face right now, like what would I do if something happened to my camera and I can't use the warranty because the receipt was there in the wallet. But I'm moving on. Maybe it'll even be a welcome respite from the tedious day-to-day office work.

Now if only I had adjusted to losing a boyfriend in the same amount of time that I accepted the loss of my wallet. Haha!

posted to


Lost my wallet.
Don't even know where. Or how.
Apparently no one's been using my cards naman.
But still.

1 Esprit wallet bought on sale, 60% off from PhP1498 so sayang...
1 driver's license (aaak! pano ba magpapalit nito?!)
1 Equitable Visa card (easily replaced)
1 Citibank Mastercard (easily replaced--tumatagingting na PHP440)
1 Equitable ATM (can live without this for a while--pwede namang OTC withdrawals)
1 Rustan's Discount Card (aaarrrggghhh! ito yung nakakainis!!! hindi na ako makaka-accumulate ng PHP50,000 dahil may sarili nang card si Mommy)
1 Powerbooks Discount Card (I think this can be replaced)
1 SM Advantage Card (wala naman yatang silbi eh)
1 Ayala Discount Plus (shucks wala nang libreng CR, PHP350 yata replacement)
1 (treasured) recipe for pasta
Blue Cross card
assorted pictures including the cute one of Justine
receipt for my digicam :( pano na warranty?!
my last ten-peso bill :( and a PHP200 bill -- the only cash in the wallet is this emergency cash kasi wala na akong cash!!!


Monday, January 19, 2004

first date

Had a raucous time last Friday night at Vox, this little videoke bar in one of the LPL buildings along Alfaro (now Leviste) in Salcedo Village. We were teasing this technician with one of the cashiers and since the bosses were with us, they deigned to have their pictures taken together. Funny.

Friday, January 16, 2004

oh yeah

Passed by the dread pirate den.
Lotsa people.

Some guy was looking for Buffy DVDs. Oh well. I want the originals which have all the special features. But that's going to cost me my trip to Bacolod, which I'm not ready to pass up.

I did manage however to score copies of
  • Love Actually (very bad copy, and I couldn't understand Martine McCutcheon (?), the love interest of Hugh Grant) - Billy Bob Thornton makes a cameo and did I say I loved Colin Firth! (I love Colin Firth!)
  • Big Fish - ah Ewan. And what seems to be a promising story from Tim Burton.
  • The Cat in the Hat - will never watch this is the moviehouse but want to see how Dakota Fanning and that boy from The Kid (little Bruce Willis) look like now; also anything with Kelly Preston is eye candy... sigh lesbian tendencies showing...
  • Harry Potter 1 and 2 - for my little sister who doesn't get to watch movies
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • Underworld - finally a clear copy
  • Kill Bill vol. 1
  • audio CD of Everything But the Girl which has the acoustic covers of Time After Time and Love is Strange in the same disc, not to mention the staples like Old Friends, Driving and of course Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love--now this is worth everything I spent there that day

I now have about a hundred pieces of DVD contraband from the dread pirate dens. (Roughly 8,000 bucks--I could have bought originals of two seasons of Buffy.) I still maintain though that I will watch the films I feel are worthy at the theaters. Which is why I've watched Return of the King twice (and going on three) and am waiting for The Last Samurai, Mona Lisa Smile, and maybe Gothika.

and me still with no RotK post

I *am* writing about it. But I am buried under a deluge of work, sideline, sister's birthday celebrations, and the process of getting to know an officemate with a guy problem better--maybe in the hopes of gaining a new friend and diverting my attention from my own guy problem (lack thereof being the problem).

get thee behind me Murphy!

Take a forgotten cellphone, a busted PC, a cranky internet connection, three meetings thrust upon me and a deadline for a first endeavor for a specific magazine with people I'm trying to impress. Fabulous.

Am now at an internet café sending out an article that was supposed to have been sent out last Tuesday. Unfortunately that day I had forgotten my cellphone at home. I didn't know that I had to resend it and the person's email address was in my cellphone. Tuesday to Thursday: an aggregate of sixteen hours at meetings! Egad!

Was also waiting for my contact for my corporate article, but LS (managing ed) said send the first one anyway. The ISP at work is offline. BRILLIANT! (Notice this is my first blog in days too.)

Okay I will send from the house. Ahahahaha. PC is acting up. SCORE! Murphy's Law does it again!

I decide to sleep it off. So here I am now with a throbbing headache playing hooky tyring to salvage what little reputation I have left with LS and T., who recommended me to LS. Egad is the word.

At least I smell good. Escada Sexy Graffiti. Hehe.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

extra extra

Found P500 in my wallet that's unaccounted-for. Ah, simple pleasures. At least this means a few days of not scrimping by brown-bagging lunch (ok so it's not brown-bagging but rather Tupperware-ing); and I got to pass by a "dread pirate" den and got myself a copy of the new Josh Groban and a best of Harry Connick Jr. Okay, okay, I do actually want to give royalties where royalties are due, but things are pretty tight for the month because our last payday was Dec. 23 and the next one will be at the start of February. Ah, excuses, excuses!

Haven't passed by my regular dread pirate den recently. All the expenses of the Christmas season, not to mention the hustle and bustle leaving not much time for anything else. I wonder if there will be a lot of police dudes cracking down (it being campaign season and everything); also if there will be a lot of new titles, but then there usually are. People I know are usually concerned at I go to my regular dread pirate den by myself. I don't know, it seems quite alright that I do go there alone, although I wouldn't dare going solo to Divisoria. Maybe because it's also in Makati--Makati being safe haven for me, hometown and all.

I do have to check out Z.'s suggested dread pirate den too. After all, I braved calling his house and talking to dread ex-future-mother-in-law to find out where it was. Whah-pak!

I don't know if it's being plastic but Co-conspirator and myself are back on speaking terms and actually smiling at each other. I go back to my being able to forgive quite easily but of course things are never going to be the same. I wonder what I did (in this life or any past life) that made me deserve all this bad guy karma. Oh well. You make your own bed...

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

A Long-Expected Party

The 2nd Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention is in town! I don't really know if I can hang around the Pinoy Slayer booth (my never having attended a thon, field trip or cattle call adding to my shyness) although I'm quite excited. Was supposed to attend the first one last year but I didn't have the time (that was the start of the seventy-hour workweeks). So maybe this year I will actually go. I think I also want to go check out the Philippine Tolkien Society.

now playing
Absorbing Man by Parokya ni Edgar with Rico Blanco on vocals
i will never falter
i will never quit
youll never find another
who'll put up with your shit


So many things pending, so much to do, so little time for blogging! Haha!

Delivered my speech for the Employee of the Year awarding. Voice was quivering because I hadn't spoken in public for a long time. I said I was just doing my job, the heck. Hehe. Quoted Churchill: "I am an optimist. There's not much sense in being anything else." Apparently a lot of people like Churchill here at the office. Either that or they're all pulling my leg that they liked my speech.

Things with co-conspirator have come to a head. I told his good friend (G.F.)about it and G.F. (who is also my good friend and confidante) felt betrayed. That was some can of worms I opened up. Co-conspirator is now acting cool towards me even if G.F. didn't tell him that I was the one who told him. I think I've wrecked a pretty good friendship although I think it was already headed there beginning that night with the hangover.

Apparently boys are not worth crying over. Makes me feel stupid for all that crying I've been doing the past seven years.

I've found that if you pop some microwave popcorn (Jolly Time Butterlicious) in the pantry, three-fourths of the floor can smell it.

Am attending the christening of my twelfth godchild on Sunday. Gadzooks I feel old. My oldest godchild is thirteen this year.

I still have not found time to write about Return of the King even if I've watched it last Dec. 17 yet. Been quite happy gloating about watching the first screening to everyone who hasn't watched it yet though. Woohoo!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

ate shawie's birthday

Wow, I never forget Sharon Cuneta's birthday! I don't know why. It's such a nice date, January 6. Feast of the Epiphany. Visit Ate Shawie's website.

Christmas officially ends today
But there's no law saying you can't feel Christmas-y the whole year through!


Am back.
With a vengeance of sorts.
Missed blogging for the past two weeks, am having withdrawal symptoms. Well not really, but I've felt like I've got so much to say and I don't know how and where to begin.
So I'll just start typing.