Thursday, September 30, 2004

the zeester has a blog


Zeester#1 is making use of her sloth-filled days (her words, not mine) after the big test. Apparently she just started yesterday. Welcome to the blogging world. Hope you still get to blog when you start working at BigLawFirm.

a soon-to-be-father's request

My friend is becoming a father soon. He sent this through our mailing list just a while back. Since I'm not ready to blog about the toxicity of my life right now, here's this refreshing, heartfelt letter. I can disagree with him about growing up in the States being the best thing for his child, but I'm frankly too stressed out to argue. Til the weekend then, when everything should have cleared up. Here's P's letter.

Dear Community in Christ,

I would like to ask for prayers particularly for the intention of my little family in the making! :O)

Today would be my last day before I leave for the US tomorrow at 5:30 am. I would be back this November 22nd!

In line with this, could I ask for a prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby for my wife who is expected to give birth this Oct 16th? This would be our first baby and we would be parenting in a place far from home. :O(

Anyways, I know that the Lord would be guiding me and R on what to do but it would surely be very comforting if I could ask you to pray for our intentions also.

This would truly be a very humbling experience for us for it would be the 1st time in our lives that we are not exactly 'in control' and are 'away' from all our comfort zones... our homes... our immediate family... the comfort of our lives in Manila.

But then again, that is what parenthood is all about right? Giving the best for our child!!! My wife and I have sacrificed time away from each other and honestly, it is a most grueling and emotional experience for both of us... :O(

Anyways... it is just a few hours away and I would be with her and my baby again... I am really asking for prayers from all of you... for my safe journey there... for R's safe delivery over there... for our safe bringing up of our little family over there... till the time that baby is safe to come home... to be with our families back here in Manila.

Thanks to all who have been very helpful and have prayed for us even in the very beginning... we love you all! :O) Well, tomorrow would definitely be a new chapter in our lives... at least, by tomorrow... R and I and my baby would be together... so whatever hardships we would be encountering there... it would definitely be bearable for we are all together again.

So lastly... maybe one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be would be enough for the intention of my 'little family in the making' - that would be the best gift that I could ask from all of you!!!

Till the time we return... take care and God bless!!!

We love you all from the bottom of our hearts...

~ P., R. and 'baby' :O) r

Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me."

Last Song Syndrome : God is a DJ - Pink

Monday, September 27, 2004

yay for miranda/cynthia

MSN Entertainment - News - 'Sex and the City' Star Switches Roles

Not being a lesbian myself but recognizing my tendencies (!? potential?), I'm glad when people realize their true sexuality.

chaos on taft

Mind you, this is not because of the UAAP, because the green-and-white lost (feh).

This was the barristers' salubong--the last day of the bar exams. Zeester #1 (the over-achiever) had her last day of exams (one of 5,000) for the license to practice law in the Philippines. Apparently the last day of the exams is a big thing, with different schools' tents all around, war drums (apparently not all are alloted to the UAAP games), beer- and softdrink-drenching, and a LOT of people. Taft was closed, so there was a party in the streets. Well, don't take my word for it, here are pictures.

Under the LRT

At McDo. Zeester#2 and Zeester#1's SO are somewhere in this crowd.

Just for that instance, I was behind this flag, which y_slaybelle and aurieslayer will find familiar.
Ateneo Flag

"Pare nakita mo yung babae, and laki ng suso nun!" (after 5 seconds) "Ang laki talaga ng suso!" Shyet.
(shouting) "Nasan na si _____?" "Umihi lang!!!" Yes, we all needed to know that.
"Sino'ng #1 sa bar last year?!" Ateneo, by the way.

Yet another 'Feh!' moment. Photobucket (Feh!tobucket) is down. Grr.

Last Song Syndrome : Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms

Saturday, September 25, 2004

an exercise in brevity

A few weeks ago, this creative writing list that I joined gave an exercise to write a short story in 55 words. At the time I didn't have time to write, which is bad, because you must always have time to write. Or pretend to write. Anyway, last night I decided to give it a shot. Of course it was something close to my heart:

Chino’s face stared back at her from the worn picture—boyish grin that made her melt, hazel eyes that pierced her soul. She missed him so.

She smiled, planting a kiss on the picture-Chino’s lips. This would have to do for the meantime.

She dropped it into the tin, which was alight with crackling flames.

Last Song Syndrome : Cool Change - Little River Band

Friday, September 24, 2004

i am a hollow reed...

You have a Calm Soul! Being calm and cool is what
you do best. Your collected thoughts and always
positive attitude make you very bright and
logical. When there's a problem, you know how to
approach it, and solve it. Your friends rely on
you for their problems, and your shoulder for
their crying. You are peaceful, and enjoy
nature and freedom. You rarely get angry and
hardly scream, which makes you good with kids.
You seem to be in tune with the world and if
anything goes wrong, you always bounce back.

What Kind of SOUL do you possess? (For Girls only) Incredible Anime Pictures!
brought to you by Quizilla

People who know me personally are welcome to send violent reactions. Strange, Chinese-horoscope-like reading, don't you think? And for girls only ha! Thanks to Patty for letting me steal her link.

the casual watcher is back
Slowly but surely I'm getting back into the groove. Here are the latest additions:
The Stepford Wives
The Notebook

Last Song Syndrome : Totoy Bibo (?) - Vhong Navarro
ang galing galing kong sumayaw
galing kong gumalaw, galing kong sumayaw
bibong-bibo gumalaw

[enter maniacal laughter]

Thursday, September 23, 2004

hurrah for chip and kim - 'Amazing Race' has its winner - Sep 22, 2004

Well, at least a couple that I liked (aside from the Bowling Moms) won. This just goes to show that every little bit counts... and teams that seem to have commanding leads can get upended on the last day of competition. Thanks to Kim's foresight (and should I say cunning and stealth), Chip and Kim were able to get on an earlier flight and that sealed the deal for them becoming 1 million dollars richer.

I must admit though that I have grudging respect for Colin Guinn. Despite the fact that he was generally a jerk, he was really one of the best players ever to have joined The Amazing Race. Although a lot may have been edited out, it seemed very logical and efficient the way that he went through the maze at the Fort Worth stockyards. So if he and his sometimes-whiny girlfriend would have won because of that, that would have been acceptable. Indeed.

TAR5 was a great show, especially because they went to the Philippines. Maybe next time they can go back... like to Vigan or the Chocolate Hills.

strange friendsters
I just got a friendster request from an unlikely source--JE is the husband of KC, a former student to whom I've gotten quite close; it also happens that JE was a teammate of The Ex, Z., on the close-knit varsity baseball team. So I know him in two ways, but I've never carried a decent conversation with the guy. But now he's my friendster. Kewl.

Last Song Syndrome : My Girl - The Temptations

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

emmy blog filler

Links to Emmy stuff:

Looking good!
Amber Brkich & Rob Mariano

Don't they look alike?
Portia de Rossi (no relation to Assunta, et al) and Drea de Matteo

Heather Locklear in a pretty dress

Jennifer Garner in frou-frou
...but note the comment about Ben Affleck. Is Michael Vartan actually a free agent? (Like we stood a chance.)

Al Pacino rambled on and on, and he wasn't cut by the orchestra. Scared of Michael Corleone much? However, Meryl Streep was played over. As was Jeffrey Wright, who was saying something profound about how AIDS now affects more people. Unfortunately, Wright never played a former mob boss; while Pacino, ever in need of a face lift, was quite "unfocused". How sad. Although Wright's speech was good, the speech that got to me was Sara Jessica Parker's acceptance speech for her Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Maybe it's because the final season is already upon us; but she struck a nerve with me (and more apparently, with Kristin Davis).

The "reality" participants were quite cute. Awestruck and real. Kaya nga reality, eh. Queer Eye won for Best Reality Show (as opposed to Best Reality Game Show, won by The Amazing Race 4--this is Chip and Reichen, right?). And another Emmy awards show wrapped up. It was all glitzy and glamorous, disappointing in defeat yet glorious in victory. For us, it was just another day.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

short takes

Thirty two years ago, today (well, actually on Sept. 23), Ferdinand Edralin Marcos signed the declaration of Martial Law, elevating himself to full-fledged dictator of our country and effectively strangling human rights. I have a lot of friends who are Marcos loyalists, especially those whose families come from the Ilocos region, but I, meanwhile, am a stalwart believer in everything that Ninoy Aquino stood for (regardless of his youngest daughter's shenanigans). And I believe that a lot of human rights were trampled, people murdered and Philippine money plundered during the Marcos regime. I believe the Philippines went to the dogs during that time. So every year at around this time, I mourn what was lost--the Philippines' premiere status in Asia, lives of great statemen, innocence--and what could have been.


The Medium Immediate Boss (MIB) --as opposed to the Little Big Boss (LBB)-- is leaving for Australia. Migrating. With her family. Apparently, the application was done at the height of the semicon recession, because her husband works (now used to work) for one of the semicon plants in the South. Said application is now approved and they are leaving by the end of next month. Maleen, JP and I are going to be orphans. The turnover meeting a few days ago was exhausting and overwhelming. MIB has been a huge factor in department stability and our job satisfaction (not to say I'm biased, but she is one of the best bosses in the company from the perspective of staff). It's a big loss for StingyCo, because MIB is part company historian (having been here a decade) and repository of system knowledge.

Meanwhile, the three of us orphans are now rethinking our employment strategy, especially when MIB's replacement will come along. We don't know how this will play out. Wish us luck.


Friday night was spent with Maleen, JP and Sir D. Apparently our persuasive skills were quite effective because we were able to coerce Sir D, who has just transferred to BigTelecom Co., to treat us to dinner. (Sige na D, mangungulila na naman kami eh... we're playing this soon-to-be-orphan card to the hilt.)

After dinner we didn't want to head home just yet so we drove around. The establishments along Perea were already closed; while Aposento and Capone's were rejected. We ended up buying liquor at a Ministop and then heading to my so-called pad where we talked, looked at pictures, drank and generally bonded. Strong departments, although about to be orphaned, are made of these.


Zane writes about Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling. Sweet. I definitely see the attraction here, Sandy Bullock. He was already an eyecatcher in that little role in Remember the Titans; and then he charmed my socks off in Murder by Numbers. I have yet to see him in The Believer, but Zane's post has me looking for a copy. Good thing I was able to get the pDVD of United States of Leland a few weeks ago at Dread Pirate Square.

It's not a matronistic sort of attraction, mind you. He's the same age as my last SO. So there. Teehee.

Thanks Zane, at least I now know that Ryan Gosling belongs to that same esteemed alumni group of MMC (Mickey Mouse Club) mousekeeters that includes the Twit-ney, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, JC Chasez (who is quite cute and underrated, I think), and Christina Aguilera. Hmmmm. I'm so glad for Ryan Gosling. Now I am looking for mousekeeter pictures.


Left the trusty 6220 at home. Again. JP is clucking away because this is the third time I have left my phone in eight days. I've managed to survive on all occasions. The cellphone for me has never been an essential, only very, very convenient. And today, it's an inconvenience that I wasn't able to bring it. Nor my files on The Notebook, Dodgeball and The Stepford Wives. Grrr.


Happy Birthday Joelito. Can't believe we've known each other for twelve years. Thank you for being a most wonderful friend.

Last Song Syndrome : Kyrie - Mr. Mister
(LAUNCHcast Big Hits of the '80s)

the karma kalabaw kampaign

Join the KKK! And yay to TAR4 for winning another Emmy!

Here is the KKK's Supremo's original post for your consumption.


Colin wrestling with Mr. Kalabaw

If you loved TAR, and you loved having them in the Philippines, it would be a nice gesture to mail them and tell them so, and maybe suggest that they could come back. (And maybe open up TAR to international players, but that's just me.) This is not the nasty bit, so it hasn't been completely thought through.

There are three easy steps in the Karma Kalabaw Kampaign.

1. Buy a kalabaw postcard from any National Book Store branch near you.

2. Write a message. Maybe "Mabuhay, Amazing Race! Please come back!"

3. Snail-mail to any of the following addresses:

CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

The Amazing Race
World Race Productions
4120 Del Rey Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

And now for the nasty bit. I thought of an optional vindication campaign in honor of our friend, The Amazing Kalabaw, and his scene-stealing work versus Colin Guinn on last Wednesday's Amazing Race. Again, three easy steps:

1. Buy a kalabaw postcard from any National Book Store branch near you.

2. Write a message. I heartily recommend "My ox ain't broken, bitch!"

3. Snail-mail to any of the following addresses:

Colin Guinn,
Contestant, The Amazing Race 5
CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Colin Guinn,
Contestant, The Amazing Race 5
The Amazing Race
World Race Productions
4120 Del Rey Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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Monday, September 20, 2004

hail, hail alma mater

DLSU, 69 - ADMU, 55
"Archers Put A Fork in Eagles, Enter Finals"
by Norman Vergara, University Belt Sports

Wala lang. This is not a gloat post. Well, maybe it is, just a little. I'm not all in a tizzy over the victory, though, unlike the zeester, but I am happy that we're in the finals again. Still green at heart (and mind--that's for sure)...

Friday, September 17, 2004

of inflation and road rage

taking inflation into account
Apparently, taking inflation into account, the top-grossing movie of all time is not Titanic, but rather Gone With the Wind. Star Wars, the original, is second, while perpetual favorite The Sound of Music is third. Tsk tsk. So Titanic isn't tops, after all...

classical music doesn't work
It's supposed to be soothing, right? Anyway, was testing a classical music CD that I burned recently in the car on the way to the office. Unfortunately, road rage almost got the better of me, especially in those jeepney-teeming areas of Buendia, and that wonderful intersection of Ayala/Salcedo-dela Costa. Vivaldi and Brahms weren't much help. Oh well. Maybe Natalie would have soothed the soul better, but almost 8am (time-in) + wonderful wonderful Metro Manila drivers might have gotten the better of her, too.

Last Song Syndrome : Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Thursday, September 16, 2004

goodbye, speed

CSI Files - Rory Cochrane To Exit 'CSI: Miami'

Okay, so he's not exactly Brad Pitt. But I liked Rory Cochrane ever since Empire Records and The Last Don. There's something appealing about him and I think he's a pretty good actor. It's good that he's pursuing films... perhaps he felt he wasn't getting anywhere with CSI: Miami. Or maybe he was just annoyed by Emily Procter's breathy voice.

Last Song Syndrome : Chikinini - Parokya ni Edgar

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

a perfectly good afternoon

I spent an afternoon in Powerbooks. I haven't done that since Powerbooks Arnaiz closed (I still mourn its demise). There were a lot of new books, but it seems that compared to Fully Booked, there are way fewer selections available. Take their collection of graphic novels and comics compilations. Am still loyal though, because I actually have a PowerCard.

The afternoon was mostly spent browsing through home decor coffee table books and magazines (my current love interest) and a few books. However, I wasn't able to sit down for an extended period to warrant my checking out The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, a treatise on Mary Magdalene's life. I had been waiting for that book to be available for the longest time. However, it costs a pretty penny, which I can't afford at the moment. So I think I will have to schedule another Powerbooks afternoon pretty soon.

Last Song Syndrome : Underneath Your Clothes - Shakira

Friday, September 10, 2004

the call of home

Things didn’t push through with Pi and Bespren J. tonight. Earlier, at work, JP popped-up this message: “Does people who work regular hours have to go out on Friday nights?” Apparently, Eych was missing him and wanted to go out and it was becoming a big deal. However, JP had been sick these past few days and I could see that he was exhausted. I answered honestly: No. There comes a time when you have to spend some time recuperating from the stress of the week, prioritizing your own well-being as well as that of your wallet.

Tonight I am staying home, foregoing two other possible gimmicks, aside from the aborted dinner with Pi and J. Sometimes it just feels a bit sad, or pathetic, because you’re at home while the rest of the town is whooping it up. But they aren’t. A lot of people are also at home, preparing for an early Saturday. A lot of people can’t afford to go out regularly. Some people are already at the airport because they are flying out (DnA, enjoy your delayed honeymoon). So there. I figured, I could feel sorry for myself because I wasn’t out, but I could also embrace the fact that for the first time in not a few days, I have time to rest and meditate. Not to mention stock up on much needed rest for what will be a grueling next few weeks.

shiny, happy
Channel-surfing yielded shiny, happy stuff:

On Studio23, The Swan featured extreme changes on this contestant named Cindy, who went from looking like a witch with a hook nose to looking like… a regular Filipina. Great.

On National Geographic, the topic was asteroids. I am always entranced by those big shiny things in the sky—I think it’s an offshoot of my not being interested in people but in bigger things. I’m continually reminded that I’m a speck of dust in an infinite universe.

On AXN, Brad Pitt in The Devil’s Own. I remember watching this in college in a packed cinema. I think it was one of my first exposures to the hunka burnin’ love that is Jennifer Aniston’s hubby. It’s like, Brad just has to smile, and the world is a better place.

Okay snap out of it.

On HBO, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The battle of Helm’s Deep, and the Ents’ attack on Isengard, in particular. Sigh. Would that we could battle modern-day orcs (corrupt politicians and their henchmen?) and evil could be defeated by burning a Ring… I looked up and smiled at my Legolas action figure.

Last Song Syndrome : Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead

name game

In some sort of tribute to the late Laura Branigan, here's some sort of name game, which I filched from Sarah, whose neverland has changed URLs.


Baby Eureka. (Sounds like a gangster.)


Chip Filomeno. (Am I a guy?!?!?!)


Agent Bento (Box).

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS (Favorite Spice + Last Vacation Spot Visited)

Sage Hong Kong. Eeek.


Riri San Andres. ?!?!?!?!




Choco Joy. What joy!


Puppy Scho. That doesn't sound good.


Ridges Sunrise.


Comoro Eureka. Swangit! Kapatid ni Baby Eureka (porn star name)... because we've never moved.


Strawberry Merchant. Pwede. Pwede.

Last Song Syndrome : Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Wit and Wisdom of Imelda Marcos

The website is here.

Was just feeling nostalgic.

I especially like the quote on being "hamburgered geographically". Actually some of the quotes listed here makes sense. Unfortunately, some are non-sequitur and some others are a bit... strange...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

happy birthday pretty girl

Is the Doc's birthday today. One of my inspirations. Former tennis varsity, full-fledged doc, face like an angel, devoted wife and awe-inspiring mother of soon-to-be-three who remains the thinnest in the high school barkada. Happy Birthday, A.!

Last Song Syndrome : Take My Breath Away - Jessica Simpson

Monday, September 06, 2004

oh yeah, damn these people - Survivor recounts horror in Russian school - Sep 3, 2004

Let us not forget the humanity of it all. Someone's son, or daughter, or mother, or father, or brother, or sister, was killed. There is a number--330, they say. Imagine your anguish at losing a loved one--there is no replacing them, and there is no measuring that. But multiply that 330-fold. And children! There is nothing I could wish killers of children (like that addict who jumped from the pedestrian underpass with his son, killing the child)--there is nothing I could wish them but eternal damnation. I know we are supposed to be forgiving and everything, but we are not divine (to err being human, and to forgive divine). We are definitely human and although wishing these people ill is so wrong, I must let that part of humanity through.

one night at power plant

Eych and I had already watched The Notebook. JP wasn’t about to go for any Princess Diaries stuff. We girls, especially Maleen, were rightly hesitant about Anacondas. No one wanted to watch a documentary, however interesting (Super Size Me), on a Saturday night. It was between Laws of Attraction and Connie and Carla. Thankfully Eych made a good call and chose Connie and Carla. Much fun was had.

Here's a short commentary on Connie and Carla at the seemingly resurrected Casual Watcher. It pays not to have any expectations for movies. At least you can enjoy them outright.

Last Song Syndrome : Moondance - Michael Buble

Sunday, September 05, 2004

some shorts

Am finally able to blog after a week of hospitals (the mother-unit was finally discharged yesterday afternoon), meetings (the big project deadline is on Oct. 27), getting back into the badminton groove, and doing about a thousand more ratings on LaunchCAST.

the premier hospital in our city supposed to be Makati Medical Center. Spending a week there dropping in constantly on the mother-unit has shown me how appalling conditions are over there considering that a room like my mom's cost PhP3,200 a night. One elevator of the three "main" elevators was not functioning, and the other two were still the same (dilapidated and all, down to the black cylindrical plastic buttons). For ventilation, a hole was cut into the ceiling of one elevator and a Rota-Aire electric fan inserted. Brilliant. New wing and all, they should still have done some improvements to the old wing. They are, after all, still the hospital that a lot of us grew up with (and me, practically in and out of). Sometimes I think that it is better off being covered by the new PeopleSupport building...

my name can't be that tough to pronounce
Keanu Reeves turned FORTY last Thursday. Another sign that our generation is getting older, given that one of our first teenage crushes (oh, won't you admit it, now?) is approaching middle age.

bar tales
The zeester (#1) is taking the bar all Sundays of September. Prayers would be most welcome. Each Saturday I will deposit her at Westin Philippine Plaza and every Sunday morning I'll pick up her stuff and check out for her. Will draw myself a hot (bubble) bath every time then. What fun.

not that i don't like The Office
...but where is Absolutely Fabulous? Where? I checked all the StarWorld schedules for the next few weeks and it's gone, gone, gone! I miss Eddy and Patsy! And Saffy! There should be DVDs...

Last Song Syndrome : Toy Soldiers - Martika