Thursday, September 25, 2003

of mothers, whiners, comments
and little gestures

Got the Kris Aquino TV Patrol transcript. Thrice. All text, that thing's 30kB. One version was sent with pictures. Anyway, despite my growing distaste for all coverages mentioning Joey or Kris, I scanned through it, voracious as I am for information especially in the form of the written word (emails count as written word, right?). I saw a little gem.

Kris Aquino told Korina Sanchez, "Joey used to talk about unconditional love. It's only my mom who has ever given me unconditional love. I have hurt my mother more than any other human being, I disappointed her so many times. And yet nandyan siya para sa 'kin (she's there for me)."

I felt tears welling in my eyes when I read that part of the transcript (I didn't watch the interview, I was fast asleep). This is so true. My mother has always loved me unconditionally, even when I didn't love myself. True, she's disappointed often and always has a bit of constructive criticism (ALWAYS), but as far as unconditional love goes, she's the best. So are my dad and (sometimes) my sisters but my it shows the most in my Mommy.

More so about former President Cory. She has gone through so much--her husband being assassinated, thrust into the Presidency, coup attempts, and, yes, Kris' showbiz career, single parenthood and incorrigibility--and she has been like a rock through all this. After this current fiasco, mother that she is, she has no recourse but to accept her prodigal daughter. It is her task as a mother to do so. She takes it a step further by doing so lovingly and without public reproach, so unlike the approach her youngest daughter has always taken. Be thankful, Kris Aquino.

Shite, I swear I was a total whiner earlier today. It's a slack period for me (been so the past few days because my other major project has been put on hold), and my boss said the other unit in the Tektite building in Ortigas could use some help, since majority of my work will be coming in tomorrow after monthly processing. I had so many comments like, "Aw, I wish I had worn pants... (hard to commute to Ortigas)" "Am I going there alone?" and "It really can't wait?" Haha! Was really bad! I hope she won't take it against me, but Ortigas is really outside my comfort zone, especially when I'm wearing a sissy office uniform and pumps, with no car and a latent phobia of riding alone in Metro Manila taxicabs.

Well, a problem came up with one of our HK-based systems, which I am still handling too, and I gladly had to stay and iron it out first. I sure hope this doesn't affect my Performance Appraisal adversely. Bad timing. I could really have gone if I were prepared for it, but as this was, with hassle this morning because I overslept, I didn't want to subject myself to what I was expecting to be torture. And it's freaking raining! Really good thing I didn't have to go after all. After whining and everything.

Whine whine whine.

Removed HaloScan first. It was taking too much time to load -- compared loading time to chingco a.k.a. Random Thoughts here and this site was lagging big time. Maybe it's not the time for comments yet. Teehee.

One manager on our floor had a hard time getting pregnant, and when she was finally pregnant for the first time at 38, it was a difficult pregnancy. On her birthday this year, which was the same birthday as my sister, I gave her a mass card for thanksgiving and a safe pregnancy. She thanked me through email, saying that although she wasn't Catholic (something I hadn't counted on), she still really appreciated the gesture. She thanked me twice more after that, but that was that. She had this friction with some of the older staff that we hung out with, and I didn't get to talk to her much after that. Funny, I just got invited to her daughter's dedication. And I'm tremendously honored. I know that dedications/baptisms are special events in a parent's life and I'm glad that I was invited to take part in this one, even if I'm not a godparent or anything. It's amazing how a little thing, easily forgotten, can have such an effect.

Sometimes I just really want to go outside because it's so dreary in the office. Even if it's raining, as it is today. At least I'll have access to windows in our new office--one of the few things it has going for it.

On the radio: Runaway again!?! Feck.

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