Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ping vs. Mike vs. the Filipino people

Ah, an epic battle begins, between Ping Lacson and the First Gentleman. The nation's antennae are tuned to the storm of controversy, mud-slinging and Senate hearings. So many people are concerned with the outcome of the events but, personally? I’m quite apathetic when it comes to this. It seems to be the same thing all over again, different protagonists, same warzone.

The Senator is a suspected mastermind behind a rash of killings and kidnappings; the First Gentleman—well let’s just say that he doesn’t seem that trustworthy either. And all this hoopla, which could have been directed towards more significant matters. Not that this isn’t important; but its seems to have taken precedence over items of more consequence for the Filipino people—items such as education, welfare, national security, rising criminality.

I’m not going all holier-than-thou—heaven knows I can’t throw the first stone. But I feel that my head’s in the right place, and right now I don’t particularly care who gets ahead: because I feel that neither of them is in the right. The right being the common good.

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