Friday, September 05, 2003

Buffyverse - postscript, or
Let's continue with Slayer-day at the blog

Neglected to mention that I joined the PinoySlayer mailing list a few days ago. I don't really know what to expect, but so far the messages have been a series of posts on meeting up for the screening of Spy Kids and on a certain guest appearance: Although Buffy the series has already ended in the states, I'm particulatly keen on a sexily brooding undead person and other members of the Scooby gang appearing on the Buffy spinoff Angel. Angel's current season with his son making an appearance wasn't particularly appealing to me; I was more into the show when Gunn wasn't in love with Fred and Lindsey (cute Christian Kane, who reminds me of my good friend Melvin) was still around.

Sigh. I don't daresay that Buffy keeps me sane, but it's much better than most other pedestrian fare (although I know about Catindig and Gonzales, Yuri and Katrina, Helaena and Annilov, or Christian and Arabella). Buffy just plain rocks!

It's like my fascination with The Princess Bride or Law and Order: SVU. You know it's not *the* best movie or *the* best TV show, but you get it.

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