Thursday, August 03, 2006

two weeks without a blog

How do the days zip by like that--so inconsiderate of people like me, who seem to be treading water, on the verge of drowning, in the deluge that is "real life". And I don't know where the time goes, it can't be only to work. For an avid multitasker like myself, it's like I'm doubling up but still running out of time. Even my leisure activities are multitasked (think Jeopardy! on TV while doing scrapbooking or surfing the net). But still time seems too short. It could be because I get tired more easily now that I have no form of exercise whatsoever. It could be because, sadly, I am getting old. Or is it really just a state of mind?

Last night I went through my old planners to check friends' birthdays--I do that. I'm a greet-you-on-your-birthday sort of person. I like to celebrate people. I believe that birthdays are happy occasions, not just milestones for getting older, but thanksgiving markers for another year of blessings, another year that you were happy, or could have been happy. On my birthday I am both retrospective and jubilant. But I've stopped counting, of course.

Then there is the matter of strange luck. I've forgotten almost all of Jeffrey Archer's novels and short stories that I've read, but spurred on by a snippet of First Among Equals, I stumbled upon an Author of the Month quiz on the web. Well what do you know, I was sure of only two answers but I got 6 of 10 correct. That is so strange. On some it was sheer blind luck. Or lucky guesses. Well. That's where most of my Jeopardy! answers come from anyway. Perhaps there is a strange repository locked away in my brain. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Unfortunately, it is the strangest things I remember, and some important things I forget.

Will be playing badminton for the first time in five months later. Pray for me. Haha!

Last Song Syndrome : Ch-ch-ch-changes sung by Storm Large on Rock Star: Supernova