Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Photo ops, and
Shooting the doggies

Ger-ber has his photo blogs! Now I have faces (er, backs) to the names Pao and Ejay. Hehheh.

Inggit ako. I've decided to at least post the pictures of our babies at home. Here goes:

Paavo: our old carpenter gave him to us, he said he was half-dalmatian. Probably got it mixed up because he looks almost Labrador-ish. The most docile and house-trained of the bunch. Also the most spoiled because he got really sick when he was a baby and got to sleep in Nins' room. Looks like a black version of Falkor in The Never-Ending Story.

Chichi: named such because our cousin said she was part-chihuahua. Boy! It was a really small part. Quite tall nowadays. Our "queen". Under the saya si Paavo.

Spike: named after-wouldn't you know!-one of my favorite characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The youngest, but growing fast! A gift from someone who used to play a significant part in my life. Our only pure-breed is also the naughtiest!

I never really liked dogs but when we got Paavo we suddenly became such doting dog-owners to the point of letting him stay in our homes for long stretches at a time. He's quite properly housebroken and is very sensitive to strange scents (including strange bodily gases, hehe). So we've quite overcome our distaste for the smell of dog fur and sweat. And because of them, our parents aren't looking for grandchildren!

To Kai: hey I know I've a long ways to go in the field of photography. ;p

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