Friday, September 26, 2003


six minutes to the office again
5:51 to 5:57am
are rushing month-end reports in time for the integration with the "acquired" company

The Friday Five. Decided to answer an old Five since Heather didn't have a topic for this week.
1. When was the last time you laughed?
A few minutes ago while talking about Kris and Joey and Estehdies (hehehe). Bisaya man gid!
2. Who was the last person you had an argument with?
My mom. Nothing unusual there.
3. Who was the last person you emailed?
The PinoySlayer mailing list. Specific person? Ms. Vangie of our Agency Accounting.
4. When was the last time you bathed?
This morning. Wow, is this a trick question?
5. What was the last thing you ate?
Becky's Kitchen caramel cake. Yum!

four points
La Salle defeats Ateneo by four points to force a rubber match for the right to face FEU for the championship. Even without Mac Cardona. Even if Gerwin Gaco (not to be confused with Gerwin Co, hehe) threw an elbow and LA Tenorio retaliated with a sneaky punch. Even if Ryan Arana and Magnum Membrere were ejected after a rumble that stopped the game for 15 minutes. Read about the game and the ensuing free-for-all here. Great going Joseph Yeo!

plus thirty-six equals thirty-nine vehicles
39 vehicles' tires were punctured when pranksters scattered iron spikes across a busy portion of Epifanio delos Santos Avenue in Mandaluyong yesterday. No wonder so many officemates were complaining of the traffic. They were reportedly scattered by two men on a motorcycle a little after 8am. The things people do! And you don't even know why they do them. Is it merely on a whim? Do they deliberately want to cause suffering to their fellow men? Is it part of a plot to overthrow the government? I can't take some people sometimes.

two smelly men
I caught a whiff of two smelly men yesterday on different occasions. Am particularly sensitive to vile smells and I get nauseous easily. First smelly man had a bad case of body odor. Okay actually I can take that as long as it's just a whiff, until around 5 seconds' worth. After that I'd have to bring out my cologne to neutralize the odor. Second guy just plain smelled musty. Could have (a) really weird perfume; (b) been stuffed in a closet for a long time; or (c) been actually dead at some point in time. He walked past me by the Claims department smelling weirdly moldy. Not that he was all that spiffy-looking either. [ Am so bad! :( ]

It's not that I'm being all high-and-mighty and everything. Heaven knows I start to emit my own odors after a couple of hours of badminton. Of course I also get disgusted with myself and have to take a heavy-duty bath. It's just... my olfactory nerves are really really sensitive. Although long hours with the dogs might have numbed them a bit to dog-odor and I can enter Tetra pet shop without having to cover my nose. Teehee.

one deliciously evil Willow
and one surprise episode ending

Willow was still on the war-path last night, with the much awaited battle between the Slayer and her best friend-turned-evil witch pretty much laying waste to the Magic Box. It was tremendously enjoyable, with some noteworthy parts being (with some commentary):
  • The "previously"s showed practically the whole season (in fact, Xander says, "This is what happened this year.") and it's too much to list down here. As in the whole season.
  • Hehehe. Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't really look like she can run Slayer-fast.
  • Willow's tongue-in-cheek threat to turn Dawnie back into a mystical ball of energy (which she was supposed to have been before Season 5, when some elders turned her into Buffy's sister for her to protect).
  • Anya and Xander's exchange at the Magic Box while trying to decipher some ancient Babylonian protection spell. Anya says that it's all Xander's fault, and Xander goes on about how he should have stopped Warren because he saw he had the gun, and then Tara wouldn't have died and Willow gone all berserk, and then Anya says quietly, "I was talking about us." Hehe.
  • The Slayer-Wiccan fight was a little weird. Maybe because they're both so thin and kept flying into furniture. Funny taunting though. I relish all of Black Willow's quips, they're so refreshing! And she knows how to insult her fellow Scoobies because she's knows them so much. If only she weren't out to destroy the world, I'd actually be rooting for her a bit.
  • Jonathan's conscience starting to show. He was always a disturbed, lost child, like a few seasons back when he magically changed the history of Sunnydale so that he was the superhero and the most popular guy on campus. But he was also remorseful about that, and it seems that remorse is also getting the better of him now (including the fact that Warren and Andrew were supposed to turn on him and leave him to face all the blame).
  • Spike is off in Africa (?) trying to get the chip out of his head, seeking the help of this mystical shaman-like creature. The creature says he has to pass a test, a duel to the death with this guy with flaming fists. Poor Spike gets all battered and burned, including one time when he actually catches one of the flaming fists in his own hand ("Bad move, bad move," he tells himself), but eventually jumps flaming-fists dude and breaks his neck. And then he finds out that it's just the first test. Haha. Poor bugger-ing Spike.
  • And the surprise ending! Giles is back! His "Special Guest Star" credit was at the end and not in the beginning meaning Joss & Co. really meant to surprise. Black Willow (I really like the sound of that, sounds like Black Widow) has knocked Buffy and Anya to the ground and says, "There's no one in the world with the power to stop me now," when she is suddenly struck in the back with some mystical energy. "I'd like to test that theory," says Giles, standing in the doorway. Woohoo! The G-man is back. He was sorely missed. Looking good too in black and with no glasses.

Am eagerly awaiting next week's last episode.

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