Thursday, May 27, 2004


Got all pukey yesterday. No stomach trouble, no fever or anything although there was a monster headache. Had to head home middle of the day because I couldn't really function at work anymore. It didn't help that our systems were plagued by unforeseen problems mostly brought about by our new product.

They say that sickness is usually a manifestation of inner ills; in this case, though, it probably is a manifestation of exorcism of inner ills. You see, I want to turn over a new leaf and start living "healthy" whatever that means. Anyway, since last Sunday, I've decided to stop imbibing nicotine on a regular basis. I reckon that 1 pack-every-three-days habit shortened my life, but that never really was a concern. When you go, you go, right? I was more concerned about being constantly short of breath, impending blindness (which the filthy habit is said to cause) and being able to start on an actual fitness routine eventually.

So there. Life Makeover #1. Now if only I could figure a way to actually de-clutter my room.

speaking of clutter
Ever since we got the CD writer I've had a grand time burning CDs, even for recopying digital pictures. Of course, I only use CD-Rs that are much cheaper than CD-RWs (although maybe I should look into RWs for constant reuse).

Apaprently there are institutions that recycle CDs and are able to
remove data and reuse the disks
, but I've found none in the Phils. I don't really want to make stuff out of old CDs, I haven't found any idea that isn't positively kitschy. Oh well. If you know someone (who knows someone who recycles CDs in the Phils), let me know.

penny arcade troy comic
Hilarious! Nice way to start the day after a harrowing day yesterday. Thanks Ger.

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