Wednesday, May 19, 2004

DnA : a long-awaited post

After almost a year of preparing and a lot of effort, DnA have finally gotten married. It marks a major turn in the history of our barkada--the wedding of the only couple it seems who will ever get married within the group--not to mention it seems to mark the advent of my young spinsterhood... huhuhu... But enough about my hangups.

It was a cozy and beautiful occasion, with the festive pale pink motif and strewn petals, dreamy music from the flute-and-two-guitar ensemble and a general feeling of joy and mirth. Bespren D. was already starting to tear up as she was entering the church and so were we. Her gown was the lightest off-white pink satin and she was positively radiant--of course, which bride isn't? But I was so glad because I could see the gleam of joy in her eyes and I was glad that we (her sis, the coordinator, and we secondary sponsors) were keeping her unperturbed by bearing the brunt of the worrying and fussing. It was worth the various errands here and there, the crash course in Adobe Premiere Pro, and the sleepless night before the morning wedding (not to mention the nerve-wracking incident with the projector that didn't want to play the presentation) to see two of my best friends pledge their love for each other for all eternity.

I know that I had some responsibilities in the ceremony--it was just a little disappointing that unlike Kuya R's wedding I wasn't able to get a lot of good pictures because I was busy attending to this and that. Still was able to come up with some, though, and for others I let my friends shoot. Oh well.

It's really different when the people who are getting married are close to you. I've been to so many weddings of the children of my mom's friends, or distant relatives, and I wasn't really affected by anything. But DnA's wedding, as well as Kuya R's wedding last March well all weddings of people who were close to my heart, and to whose love stories I had been privy. These weddings brought tears to my eyes and a warm feeling that all is right in the world, at least, if two people can love each other and be at each other's side.

PostScript: The official wedding pictures are out. They are really nice, especially the portraits of the two taken outside the church and in Velasquez Park.

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