Monday, May 10, 2004

into the mists

Thoughts on the Mists of Avalon miniseries:

Why I'm watching it: trying out the VCDs I burned for Helen-a from the originals Bespren M. gave me. Helen-a is totally a Marion Zimmer Bradley fan just like me; although she's much more into anime. She was the one who told me that there were Princess Bride DVDs in Dread Pirate Square, practically introduced me to DPS...

So much of the story has been omitted, or totally changed. It's still interesting in itself but the book is much better.

I wonder why I hate Samantha Mathis. Ever since. Maybe because she plays all the hate-able characters: Gwenhyfar here; Amy in Little Women. Smug and always ends up with the guy (or guys as is the case here). Oh well. Who'd have thought they had threesomes in King Arthur's time.

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to determine who King Arthur was and then I remembered: Danny Hecht! Sidney Bristow's fiance who is killed off in the first episode. Wonderful. And Michael Vartan plays Lancelet to his Arthur (or Artorius as they figure they were called by the Latin names then). Jennifer Garner should have played Gwenhyfar. Or Morgaine. But Julianna Margulies did a good job, as did Anjelica Huston (as always). I've always found Julianna Margulies terribly pretty, ever since ER days. Maybe because she looks smart.

I didn't finish everything though. Was just going to get depressed. Teehee.

Study now. Study now. STUDY NOW!!!