Tuesday, May 18, 2004


The rapists and killers of Candice Castro. Poor girl was raped and killed in her own condo unit, a broom shoved up her genitals and her body battered. Pretty girl, too. Apparently some sick and smashed s.o.b. took a liking to her and followed her to her room.

So there goes any chance of me being able to move out any time soon. My parents will whip this out on me everytime I try to make my move. I have qualms, though, about bringing up the fact that Carmela Vizconde (famous victim of Hubert Webb) was living with her parents at the time that she was raped and the whole household killed. Might come back to bite me in the a$s.

A number of my female friends live alone, and times like these I worry for them. I know that for most, security in their building is quite good. However, I think that they should have an emergency button or something installed in their respective pads. Or if the intercom is off the hook or something, would the guards come to check? The sordid underbelly of the city showing itself--it scares me. It is so hard to live with a certain degree of paranoia and stay sane.

pic of the week
Hey... it doesn't really look like a phallic symbol, does it?

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