Thursday, May 06, 2004

the slayer blogs

    Added a few new blogs to the links on the right, all Pinoyslayers:
  • Jessie's Journal
    - LibrarianJessie was the first PinoySlayer I ever met in person. Jessie and I have a lot in common, especially the three B's (Buffy, Brandon Boyd and Blogging--or is that 4 Bs?).
  • Quite Wicked
    - Also another 3B girl... Boo's blog is really informative (pop culture maven, anyone?) and it looks almost good enough to eat...! Wonderful stories about her baby Pumpkin too.
  • Life's A Show
    - The Ballerynna is now a lady! She's a girl of many talents and strong opinions.

    Add these to my "old standards"--
  • Crazy Fruit Pie Lady
    - With Digital Dave and a shelf-ful of wonderful books, the Slaybelle makes for interesting reading, always.
  • Free Vampire Porn
    - Hmmmm... actually not a lot of porn, although quite a lot of vampire. If you want to learn more about the Evil Empire... this is the place!

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