Sunday, May 09, 2004

mother's day and other shenanigans

At least there's one day in a year when you honor your mother--although you should be doing it every single day of the year since it was her loins that brought you into existence, her nurturing that kept you alive and her teachings that made you most of the person that you are today.

Mother's Day was an excuse to get our mom a colorful bouquet of fresh liliums, carnations, and gerbera (this stuff's expensive ha--we used to give all these mums bouquets, but she never brought those to the office for "show and tell" unlike this one, meaning she really really liked it).

Lunch at Kulinarya in PowerPlant was delectable. Between Chilean sea bass and flavorful lamb chops, my taste buds were sated--at least maybe for a week or so. Didn't get to watch the movie with JdG anymore. Tomorrow.

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