Tuesday, May 25, 2004

couch kamote

Wasn't able to update the blog yesterday, because of $%(#)$% four-letter word, WORK. Meetings + deadlines do not make for a healthy blogging environment. Was able to sneak peeks at the cyber-friends' blogs though. Interesting.

Anyway, was so tired last night but not sleepy-tired so I just vegged out in front of the TV. Of course Monday night is Buffy night--great episode, Storyteller, featuring ex-evil-genius-cum-chronicler Andrew. It was hilarious (almost as hilarious as Shrek, which will be discussed later). Then of course came Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and I continue to marvel at Kyan's cuteness, Carson's cattiness and Thom's flair for interior design.

Then there was A Wrinkle in Time on Hallmark channel; a travesty of a miniseries hoping (and failing miserably) to bring one of Nins and my best-loved books to the small screen. Crappy effects, crappy acting. What can I say? I was not amused.

Went through the channels and--Caught. That. Deliciously. Handome. Face. That. Is. Brad. Pitt's. On Oprah. Talking about Troy. His scrumptiousness is beyond words; and mind you, he looks much better (and less simian-like) without the tan. Sigh. Nins and I were just sitting there sighing and wanting so very much to be in Jennifer Aniston's shoes. (Or even that girl who won the signed shield who got to kiss him.)

Eric Bana was also there, although of course relegated to decorative status (Oprah should devote a show to him, too--maybe he and Heath Ledger could be interviewed together as Aussies... just a thought). Orli was beamed in from Morocco where he was filming another movie that people say is not faithful to historical accounts, Kingdom of Heaven. I read someone's comment that Orlando Bloom has not made a movie set in the 20th century... apparently that person never saw Black Hawk Down. Oh well.

Last thing I see before I hit the sheets is Brad Pitt's face. That didn't result in sweet dreams, unfortunately. Am quite groggy this morning (maybe due to the fact that I was awakened by a noise at 3am). Oh well.

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