Saturday, May 08, 2004

moseying along

Got me a LiveJournal account, following LibrarianJessie's lead, so that I wouldn't have to always be anonymous when I make comments at the LiveJournal blogs. Actually I think some of LiveJournal's features are quite cool, although I've gotten used to Blogger already--not to mention that I just got the multi-pane interface when I upgraded to IE6 here in the office. Ok, am loyal. Just that.

Also, I've been able to open a PhotoBucket account. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner! It's very very convenient, especially since Geocities doesn't allow you to link directly to your pictures... Rock on, PhotoBucket!

Also, I found out about DigiPrint which is based in the Philippines and works on the same principle as Yahoo! Photos and Sony ImageStation--you store your pictures with them for free and pay them for printing. But it's a good deal, PhP200 for 10 4R pictures with free delivery! Imagine that... no going to the mall or anything to have your prints developed... and again, free delivery! What fun. The prices for 5R prints are quite prohibitive though (PhP25 compared to PhP12 in the mall), but there's also a good deal to be had with the 8R prints (PhP55 each! my mall studio charges PhP75 for these!).

oh yeah
I'm here in the office. Yes, right now, this Saturday afternoon. At least the airconditioner's on. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the run to be done so that I can check commissions. Oh well. Airconditioning + internet while waiting isn't all that bad!

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