Friday, May 14, 2004

nice to be back

Been studying for (and just took) the LOMA Marketing exam. LOMA exams are requisite in the insurance industry and this is my third exam. Exams are given twice a year (May and November) and there are about a dozen different exams for different stages. Actually I'm taking it rather slow: I've passed up on two other LOMA schedules due to either work or sickness (been having a lot of that lately).

GMA and FPJ neck and neck
The ABS-CBN coverage of the Namfrel quick count shows GMA nad FPJ neck-and-neck in the presidential race, with our icumbent president having a slight lead. It's really anybody's ballgame although of course I am rooting for the littler-er-lesser evil. Kabayan Noli though is posting quite a lead over Senator Loren. I do hope the current trend of GMA leading continues. Now aren't the opposition wishing that Lacson and FPJ hadn't run separately? If they didn't, the opposition would be the sure winner (based on FPJ's + Lacson's votes). Oh well... united we stand... you know the rest.

we have ETC!
One of the reasons why we enjoy going to Mommy T's house in Alabang is because her Destiny cable has ETC, the so-called Entertainment Channel, featuring Leno, Conan O'Brien, NBC's Today Show, Entertainment Tonight (updated unlike the weeks-late programs they show on Ch. 9)--and shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (whoopee!), The O.C., One Tree Hill, and those outrageous shows Blind Date and 5th Wheel. Wonderful.

Hawaii might have done LaToya in
Contoversy rages at the American Idol finals with E! Online asking 'Did Hawaii Do In' LaToya London?. It was definitely a surprising turn of events that LaToya, considered by many (including myself) as the best singer in the competition, was voted out after rousing renditions of Donna Summer hits and

But I don't think the Idol people are really concerned. Their show is doing really great (23 million viewers definitely isn't bad) and the text-ins are getting them big bucks too. Now that LaToya's gone, I have to find a new bet for Idol. It's definitely not Jasmine, even if she is of Filipino descent. And I never really liked the OA antics of Fantasia. By elimination, that leaves Diana, the rich Texan kid. However, as this proves, it not really just the talent--you gotta have the backing. And if a whole state (albeit a little state) is totally behind you, it's definitely going to make a difference.

Goodbye Seattle...
And now Frasier bids farewell. In a season that has seen the end of two other icons of TV comedy, Friends and Sex and the City, the sophisticated comedy of Frasier which has been entertaining for 11 years, also bids farewell. Frasier was never as popular as Friends but it was widely acclaimed, winning countless Emmys, and it is the most successful spinoff to date (we have to see if Joey will click in his spinoff of Friends). Apparently, Frasier's finale is open-ended with just enough set-up to warrant enough interest for a reunion special if there will be one. All these endings--we're getting old, unlike what we felt when The Cosby Show or Cheers ended (too young at the time to appreciate), or even Full House (was just sad to not see John Stamos every week). Oh well.

one word: Troy
And supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world, who is blond and blue-eyed, it seems--sorry, us Asians. Okay, okay, so Homer hadn't been around Asia much.

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