Sunday, May 09, 2004

thoughts from all around

Apparently Blogger has a new interface. I don't really like it. I liked the cute interface before!!! Huhuhuuuu...

Heavy rains poured yesterday afternoon (FPJ's miting de avance) and early this morning in the beginning of the transition to rainy season. Still hot and humid during the day, though. Slight floods, especially near our church, which is one of the lowest points in our area.

Sharon Cuneta is apparently ending her long-running musical talk show on ABS-CBN, I'm watching the second part of her farewell show right now. I heard she's going to concentrate on being a mother more, now that her third child is on the way.

Was just pleasantly surprised to see the opening number of 80s stalwarts (who apparently are staging a show called Going Back to the 80s)--Randy Santiago, Raymond Lauchengco, Juan Miguel Salvador, Louie Heredia, Gino Padilla and Jett Pangan--singing songs like Sunglasses at Night, Do You Wanna Dance and Everybody Have Fun Tonight. This was the generation of singers who crooned in the background as I went through Grade School and then went on through my awkward adolescence. I especially enjoyed Juan Miguel Salvador because I just loved the Rage Band in its heyday (hey so I was eight, I appreciated it!) and Jett Pangan, The Dawn being one of the rock bands that shaped my tastes in music.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back? And less cutie-cutie it seems. How interesting.

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