Thursday, May 06, 2004


Enjoyed the C.S.I. episode last night. Of course I knew there was a twist and of course things are always not as they seem, but last night's episode had wanna-be vampires, an elaborate con job, and Warrick with a wandering eye, taking in a sexy girl with a huge tattoo on her back. Special guest star was Danny Huston, erstwhile husband of Virginia Madsen and son of John Huston (half-brother of Anjelica). I didn't really see the family resemblance, though. I really did enjoy the con job; although it got a bit sloppy in the end. At least I know that when I do run my own con (as if!) I'll make sure it can't be traced back to me. Ahh on to more daydreaming about getting one up on the law.

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