Wednesday, March 17, 2004

yehey #1

Am watching The Passion of The Christ! This Saturday! At Megamall (ay). Sorry I don't really like going to Megamall, especially on weekends. Am sure glad it isn't payday weekend anymore.

BUT! AMGOINGTOWATCHTHEPASSION! Whoopee! Thanks to JojoBee who gave the tickets to Gnu and thanks to the two girls who didn't want to go out with Gnu (hehe). (serious face) This is NOT a date. Seriously, is The Passion a date movie? Duhh! It's just like the only other movie that Gnu and I watched together (just the two of us), Elizabeth. All serious and thought-provoking and historical. So NOT Serendipity.

Yahoo! Have I mentioned I'm watching The Passion of The Christ on Saturday (two weeks before playdate here) and FOR FREE?


yehey #2
I have new wallpaper, it's cute cute James Marsters seemingly doing another James (Dean, that is), with a year-calendar so it's practical! Replaces the Troy promo wallpaper on my desktop. (It's taking so darn long for this movie to show!) Thanks to cousinjean, and thanks indirectly to Free Vampire Porn's amyslayer.

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