Wednesday, March 17, 2004

a brush with chinese numerology

Find out your personal and employment characteristics and ideal job.

I was actually nodding as I was reading this. It seemed so true! Until, of course, I got to the last few lines: "Ri has an abundance of energy which is best released in competitive sport. She is also suited to careers such as the Armed Forces, farming, and adventurous activities like rock climbing or mountaineering." MWAHAHAHAHA! How fitting for non-sports-loving sedentary me!

Anyway, among the points which generated my nodding were the following:

"Although Ri may have taken a considerable time to reach maturity, she is nevertheless a quick thinker whose ideas change as rapidly as her conversation. She's an individual who wants to be liked, and as such finds it hard to refuse requests. For the same reason she dislikes arguments, and wherever possible will compromise to avoid conflict. Not the sort of individual to be employed in litigation, but excellent in mediation."

"Ri will find life's lessons hard to learn. She will suffer from loss (of possessions or those she loves) before questioning the cause of that loss. It is likely that Ri will develop a faith of some sort, and although it need not necessarily be a religious faith, it will nevertheless be something that she holds onto against all the evidence. Potential employers need to find out what that faith entails." I'm still trying to find that though.

"Well-balanced, with an understanding and compassionate nature, Ri is a natural leader who can inspire others. But she needs a certain amount of freedom at work and at home. With a compassionate and caring nature, and with the ability to get on well with others, Ri will be a strong member of any team and will provide solid inspiration and support to her colleagues." Wow! Natural leader daw ako!

And the best: "Ri has no long-term objectives. She lacks the methodical approach to organising her life, and is inclined to scupper her plans before they materialise." not to mention "Ri will make some money and enjoy a reasonable standard of living." Yun na! My dilly-dallying is predetermined after all! And I am destined not to be rich, just reasonably comfortable. Oh well.

Too bad this is mostly about employment. Isn't there anything about lovelife? Whapak!

Thanks to mariashanelle for this (being Chinese herself). Very informative.

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