Thursday, March 04, 2004

god save us!

I just have to post this. This is real. These are the absolutely real hilarious answers of Eddie Gil, Philippine presidential aspirant, as witnessed by D. on a recent news show. I've translated it to English--forgive the rough translation.

Host: Ano po ang isang normal na araw sa inyo? (What is a normal day for you?)
Eddie Gil (EG): Sabado. (Saturday.)

Host: Ano'ng pangalan ng tatay niyo? (What is your father's name?)
EG: Ay, hindi ko pedeng sabihin. (Er, I can't say that on air.)
Host: Bakit naman? (How come?)
EG: Masyadong sentimental. Pag binanggit ko yun, mawawala lahat ng nasa isip ko. (It's too sentimental. If I mention it I won't be able to concentrate.)
Host: Pero patay na siya? (But didn't he already die?)
EG: Oo, pero nakikita ko pa. Pag gusto ko siyang makita, nakikita ko. Saka nagbibigay din siya ng instructions sa akin, para sa mga ginagawa ko. (Yes, but I still see him. If I want to see him, I see him. He also gives me guidance on the things that I do.)
Host: Ha, paano? Sa panaginip? (Huh? How? In your dreams?)
EG: Oo, sa panaginip. Minsan, isinusulat din niya sa blackboard. (Yes, in my dreams. Sometimes, he writes his advice on a blackboard.)

Host: Magkano ang net worth nyo? (How much is your net worth?)
EG: Yun nga, papaunlarin natin ang Pilipinas. (Yes that's right, we will improve the Philippine economy.)
Host: Hmm, yung net worth nyo po. Magkano? (Hmm, your net worth sir. How much?)
EG: Yun nga yung una kong gagawin, aayusin ang Pilipinas. (Yes, that's the first thing I'm going to do, fix the Philippines.)
Host: Yung net worth po. (Your net worth sir.)
EG: Ano'ng net worth? (What net worth?)
Host: Hmm.. yung halaga po ninyo, yung halaga ng mga ari-arian nyo? (Your worth, sir, the value of your properties...)
EG: Ah, hindi ko masasabi kung magkano ang halaga ko. (Ah, I can't say how much I'm worth.)

Host: Isa po sa plano nyo yung gawin dollar ang currency ng Pilipinas. (Among your plans is to change the Philippine currency into dollars.)
EG: Oo, gagawin nating Philippine dollar. Bakit yung ibang bansa, dollar ang gamit. Ang Korea, may Korean dollar. Ang China, Chinese dollar. (Yes, we shall make it the Philippine dollar. Other countries use dollars--Korea has Korean dollars and China has Chinese dollars.)
Host (confused na): Dollar ba ang gamit ng Korea, hindi ba Won? Saka ang China, Yuan di ba? (Confused Host: Does Korea use dollars? Isn't its currency Won? And China, isn't its currency Yuan?)
EG: Dollar din yun. (It's still dollars.)

Hayyyy! Such wonderful answers! I especially like the ghostly father. Let's vote Eddie Gil!!! (For those who didn't get the line of questioning on the net worth--he claims to be rich enough to personally fund a nation-wide campaign, and he's going to buy a helicopter to prove it. Of course nothing of the sort has come to pass.)

On a more serious note, I just wonder why and how the Commission on Elections can allow this man to run AGAIN--he has already proven himself a nuisance before. Maybe he should be allowed to run for office among the patients at the National Mental Hospital.

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