Saturday, March 13, 2004

one night in bicutan

Bespren A was in town last night with the kids. I think the kids are growing up a wee bit spoiled although of course among the list of things you can't do is criticize people's parenting skills when you don't have kids of your own. I'm glad that Bespren J and I met up with her because we hadn't seen each other in a while (since Del's wedding last December).

Wasn't able to talk to them that much though, because I had a longish discussion with Bespren A's older brother. If I were younger (and maybe less jaded) I think I could actually have a crush on this person. Of course mentally you already cross out a person from your list based on some basic criteria: (1) sibling of a person close to you--also will forever look upon you as his little sister's friend; (2) hasn't shown the least interest in you at any time; and dead giveaway: (3) no spark whatsoever. So what made it cross my mind that he was actually crushworthy? It scares me that maybe I'm getting a bit desperate and every unattached guy over 25 who's fairly decent-looking and with whom I can carry a decent conversation becomes fair game. Pathetic.

Afterward, another blow to my wonderful lovelife. Had further proof that AB is not the person for me. Is easy to do when he and another girl are making like octopi with linked arms, linked everything. He had told me that he had to tell me something, something good was happening to his lovelife--apparently this was it. I was wrong, of course--stupid Ri, never assume! Apparently it was someone else. So at least I know that he's back to his gigolo ways. It was wrong of me to think that he had changed. Are guys really all like that, is it that macho thing? At this point in time, I don't even want to bother.

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