Thursday, March 18, 2004

lightbulb moment

Am in the midst of reading The Da Vinci Code. Last night I was struck by an idea, as in a wouldn't-that-make-a-great-story idea, while I was in the shower. I seem to get some of my best thinking in the shower. [Sidestory: In High School, we had a term project for Geometry. We would be assigned the end-of-chapter problems in the book and we were supposed to present our proof. I was assigned a problem from one of the last chapters because Mr. Cortez said I could do it. Bravo. It was really hard. The day before submission I still didn't have the solution. And then suddenly it hit me. In the shower. Wonderful. The maids were laughing at me because I was talking to myself in the shower--something short of "Eureka!"]

Anyway, last night I thought of a possible storyline which I hadn't encountered before and which I'm sure Dan Brown, with his penchant for intertwining suspense with historical conspiracy theories, would do a good job translating into a story. Of course since I was in the shower, I didn't write this down, and after, since I was still engrossed with The Da Vinci Code, I didn't write it down. Of course when I woke up this morning I remembered that I had thsi brilliant idea last night. I just couldn't remember what it was. Came to the office still thinking hard, and I wrote down some major ideas of the book--the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar--but I still couldn't remember it.

I do now. Do you know when I remembered? When I started writing about it just now. Brilliant the way this weird mind of mine works.

[Will write about the Da Vinci code tomorrow. Sometimes the events are analogous to the Rambaldi storyline of Alias.]

yet another three of a kind
Today the three of a kind featured Michael Johnson. Whenever I go to work and that three of a kind thing is playing in the car, I know that we've left late. Anyway, I didn't realize I knew these Michael Johnson songs too. I guess I've been hearing them a lot and my subconscious has picked up on them.

The first song was Bluer Than Blue: "bluer than blue, sadder than sad/you're the only light this empty room has ever had" Eek! How explicitly sentimental and so unlike the songs that I prefer. I didn't know the second song, which was Doors; it went something like "what can I say beisdes I'm sorry/What can I say to change your mind". And of course the last song I seemed to know from the opening strains of "standing by my window, listening for your call/guess i really miss you after all" up to "I still, I will love you..." (that's I'll Always Love You in case you aren't aware)

Ahh all these senti songs plucking at your heartstrings. I guess love songs really do have more meaning when you're in love, but in the meantime (where I am stuck right now), I don't have any taste for them. Come to think of it, even when I was in a relationship I preferred the more stirring Corrs songs like Runaway and Hopelessly Addicted, or the sweet Power of Two by the Indigo Girls to all this love mishmash. Oh well.

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