Sunday, March 07, 2004

friday night

Of course there has been a backlog in posting--I posted about last Saturday's gimmick yesterday and today I'm posting about Friday's fun-filled activities.

Small Middle-Boss (SMB, as opposed to Small Big-Boss, SBB) asked if I had plans and if I was averse to staying a bit late. Of course being "reigning" employee of the year and all, I thought it was about work and said I would be able to stay. Apparently they (we) were throwing a surprise bachelor party for our department-mate who is getting married on Saturday.

I, too, was surprised but I went along with it. After all, it's the least I can do for all these people who are with me all the time here. There was quite a lot of food, but we were crammed in a biggish studio unit at LPL, which isn't biggish anymore if 25 people are inside. Surprise too: there is a dancing girl. Oh hell. I am never comfortable with people shimmying in their birthday suits; much less in person. And from what I heard, it wasn't a pleasant sight either because the girl was skinny and her skin wasn't all that good. Oh well. I left before it started. One because of the discomfort I was about to face and two because I was late.

At least Jp and I were able to watch an episode of Justice League, part two of the three-part season-ender Savage Time. Bravo. Am glad that I was able to watch this. Saw Steve Trevor (the man Diana Prince eventually marries) for the first time. Saw Green Lantern's John Stewart as a Marine. Brilliant, just brilliant. The Martian Manhunter rocks! (And of course I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy watching a cartoon.)

As I was saying, I was late. I rushed over to Antel because I told C that I would be helping her out with Ger's surprise despedida. Met Z2, girlfriend of the brother of Z. Never-would-be-future-sister-in-law. Said we should exchange notes about the Z brothers but of course we will never get around to doing it. I was able to meet mariashanelle--not her real name--and kit. I also found out that one of Ger and C's officemates was actually my student (as Ger was). Oh well. We are all connected, after all.

However: One, I came late and there was little left to help with. Two, I practically didn't know anyone there--and I did take some pictures although I wasn't as free to roam around with my camera unlike I would have at a Glider gathering. Three, it wasn't that much of a surprise because the guards and a friend had inadvertently tipped him off. Nevertheless, it was a glad, if bittersweet, occasion. Props to C and Z2 for the planning. And thanks to the person who brought the Gonuts Donuts because I had been wanting to try the strawberry but everytime we go there it's all sold out (apparently my knack for wrong timing is particularly applicable to Gonuts).

Bon voyage, Ger-ber. I will see you next month.

Home at 12. AB was far, far away in the South, so was a good girl that night.

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