Tuesday, March 23, 2004

demerit increase

My boss discussed my merit increase with me today. Depressing. The whole office, actually. The percentage increase in my salary for this year is half of the percentage increase I got last year. Utterly depressing, considering that I'm supposed to be employee of the year and everything. Oh well.

My weekly horoscope seems to have been right:
Pluto decides to turn retrograde this week, which may have an effect on the way you view your personal finances. Rather than trying to make more wealth, you could be more willing to find out where your attitude may have been letting you down. It is possible that in some ways you have been your own worst enemy, where your money is concerned. If you can get out of your own way, you might actually begin to do very well.

Well maybe it really is a matter of changing the way I think and the way I do things. I guess there has to be less focus on the acquisition of "things". I'm glad though, that I've still been able to save every month. Although the increase isn't sizable, well, I still have to count my blessings because other companies didn't give increases. However, I did murmur an oath a few days ago that if I got an increase lower than (x amount), I would actively start looking for other employment. Maybe this is the sign that I've been waiting for to start me down my road away from this fun-filled but miserly company.

I also confirmed that my cube-neighbor is earning a sizable amount more than I am. Oh well. Shut up, green-eyed monster and feelings of inadequacy. I am a hollow reed... trouble blows through me like the wind...

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