Thursday, March 25, 2004

the great equalizer--not!

You hear about all these celebrities having babies--Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Hudson, Cate Blanchett (notice anything there? is Kathy Bates is the next in line?), Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox... even David Letterman is "another old guy with a baby." It warms your heart--they're human after all. Maybe it's nice to think that they have to stop going vegan and start actually consuming dairy!

However, if you think pregnancy and having a baby would be a great equalizer (mom's fantasy: stopping Reese Witherspoon in the street and discussing how to change diapers)--think again. According to E! Online's How to Have An A-List Infant, these celebs are leagues beyond your reach. Of course we already have Baby Dior and Kenzo here--but who do you know would dress their kids in $200-cashmere sweaters from Larucci? Maybe the Marcoses. At the height of their power. Seriously. Sara Jessica Parker's baby's teddy bear (apparently cashmere is the fabric of choice) is worth $195.

And boy, although we of the masses swear by Gracco strollers (at PhP7,000 a pop, a mere $125), the baby carriages of choice are Bugaboo Frog strollers, suggested retail price $1,228. Ummm.... let's see... it would take me three months to be able to buy that stroller. Two if I wouldn't spend on anything else. Bravo. At least I can afford a silver spoon.

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