Saturday, March 06, 2004

one night at greenbelt

Last week the twins (Bespren M. and Bespren J.), Pi and I went out for dinner at Recipes in Greenbelt. It was great to go out with these people after such a long time that we'd been apart. Of course I play badminton practically every week with Bespren M., Bespren J. and I occasionally go out (the last was Runaway Jury) and Pi and I exchange emails. But it's different when you're together as a group: the group dynamics are present, and it's generally more raucous.

We talked about anything and everything--Pi's newly-married life, Bespren M.'s immigration plans, Bespren J.'s new martial art (an arnis variant), my work work work, DnA's wedding plans, movies, catty people from high school, etcetera etcetera. It was a wonderful everning.

Dinner was followed by coffee at Coffee Bean. Saw DC, former student and now friend, with supposed love of his life. DC is one of those golden boys, those tisoys who can't seem to do anything wrong. You don't know if he gets where he is because of how he looks, or his connections, but you don't have to peel through many layers to find out that he's quite smart and talented too. Ah, nice people who have most everything. Enviable, but totally likeable. Feh. Can't hate 'em.

Saw first-ever serious boyfriend TWICE that night. I can't believe it. He lives all the way in one of those Projects in Quezon City, with today's traffic a good two hours' drive from Greenbelt. I haven't seem him in about five years. It's just logical that one would go to Timog or Tomas Morato which would be much nearer to where he lives. Of course, though, he was with a girl. Who probably lived near the Makati area or maybe even further south. Tsk tsk. Of course the guy's the one who has to suffer. Hehe.

It's just funny to have seen first-ever serious boyfriend after not seeing him for so long. Best thing was that he did not recognize me--five years and twenty pounds can do that. He, however, did not change. He still looked the same, same grin, same dimple under the eye. It's quite jarring. At 30, he still looks the same as he did at 20. Cute. He was never "love-of-my-life"-worthy, and eleven years ago when we broke up, he was tremendously immature. It wasn't a big loss or anything; he is just a part of my past of which I was unexpectedly reminded recently.

The night ended with a nightcap at Pi's new apartment. We were given the grand tour and had Mirinda softdrinks which came free from her client. We saw the wall clock that Pi's husband M had installed at one in the morning a day before. The love nest is shaping up quite well. It's interesting to see how much stuff they still had lying around (one whole spare bedroom's worth). Pi also showed us a print that she had by our photographer-classmate Pinky Urmaza. I realize that I am not all that cultured because I don't really care whether it's a 2 of 24 print or if it's 174 of 175. I do like pretty pictures too; if I had cash at the time I would have purchased one of Pinky's photographs (of a winding staircase at the Louvre). [Of course I have just recently regained total control of my finances.]

It was a wonderful night spent with friends and punctuated by spicy conversation and interesting sightings. Was also nice because was texting with AB throughout the night. Wasn't able to meet up with him though because we left Pi's apartment at 1AM already. Brought Bespren M. and her sister home. Bespren M.'s sister said that we friends were so wonderful, spending time together like that. I figured it was long overdue. We had missed each other so much.

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