Monday, March 29, 2004

happy birthday twins!

To the Twins--as in Danny deVito and Ah-nold...

Happy birthday Bespren J and Bespren M! Two of the best friends a girl could have. Although not as extreme as deVito and Ah-nuld, quite polar opposites—but both loads of fun to be with. And not really twins by the way. Here's to more Greenbelt 3 nights, with or without boyfriends!

reaching out...
Had an outreach activity last Saturday night with the differently-abled/physically-challenged kids from Bahay Mapagmahal. I don't really interact well with kids much more on an outreach type of activity so I volunteered to take the pictures. It still felt good, though. I like being on the sidelines, watching but still interacting, and being the documentor. I think that's really just my personality.

so much to buy
So little money. Oh well. Finances aren't very good right now and I really think I have to bear in mind what my horoscope said about making do with what I have and just changing my attitude. But, but, but--how can I not say that I have to have that leather-bound Lord of the Rings? It's so pretty... my precious... And then there's Crisis on Infinite Earths, they've got a new edition in both Powerbooks and Sketchbooks. And there's that JLA graphic novel that I've been wanting to read, the Riddle of the Beast. Sigh. There's also some nice bags and a new wallet calling my name. Sigh.

wherefore art thou internet
Our internet connection has faltered yet again. And in the middle of typing up my blog, to my utter consternation--as if the company owes me free internet. But then what other perks do I have aside from the piddling compensation and long hours? A few minutes of web time each day won't hurt. Come on come on come on come on! Grr. Still no internet.

TV over the weekend
  • Saw the Home Alone marathon on Star Movies. Can't believe how cute Macaulay Culkin used to be. Am going to see his druggie gay portrayal in Party Monster soon. Woohoo!
  • All about boob reduction, liposuction, and midget Mahal gets botox-ed! This starlet had a breast reduction operation because her breats were so heavy--of course she didn't think about that when she had silicone injections done some time before. Gah! Stupid.
  • I love Who's Line! I love Who's Line!

There, I think that's enough for now.

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