Wednesday, March 17, 2004

save angel now!

Kristin of E! Online reports on their Save One Show campaign, where the overwhelming results (85% of 400,000 E! Onliners, myself included) were in favor of the WB's Angel. She cites valid reasons, best of which is that it is one of the best dramas on television today (I so agree) and that the new dynamic, which includes (spoiler alert) James Marsters' Spike (and Gunn is a lawyer!) is definitely working. I really hope that WB or UPN do something about the cancellation of Angel, since (another of Kristin's reasons) Joss and the ME crew haven't had enough time to prepare for a decent sendoff. And I think this show definitely deserves one.

As Kristin says, "It's never too late to do the right thing. Save Angel, and you'll be a hero to millions of fans around the world (and one lowly tube maven who'll never be the same without it)." Neither will we, Kristin.

moore of the same
That was a bad pun. Anyway, on the way to work, Dad's default station (WRock 96.3) was having a "Three of a Kind" where they would play three songs by the same singer consecutively. Today it was Mandy Moore. Since the trip from home to the office only takes a maximum of ten minutes I only got to catch the first two songs, which were Only Hope and Cry both from the movie A Walk to Remember. I totally liked that movie, except for the slight distraction that was Mandy Moore's over-expressive, over-acting, pouty lips. Let's have some economy of lip-motion, shall we, girl?

Anyway, I just realized that I knew practically all the lyrics to both these songs. Argh! How masa-pop! So I lay my head back down/And I lift my hands and pray/to be only yours... Heeheehee...

thoughts over a cup of 3-in-1
Just had warm coffee (Nescafe 3 in 1) with half a packet of Fat Free Swiss Miss French Vanilla--felt like spicing it up. Am still sleepy, though. Apparently caffeine has an opposite effect on me compared to the majority. I'm actually sleepier now than I was when I started drinking. Oh well. It's funny how we're all drinking warm drinks (Sir N. also has a cup of coffee, and Maleen and I went to the pantry together, she for her Swiss Miss with Marshmallows-yum!), when outside it's quite sweltering. Love airconditioning. Julio is putting on a jacket. A wonderful sleep-inducing cool 20 degrees here in the office. I'm so spoiled here that this has to be replicated outside, thereby racking up electric bills at home or necessitating trips to the mall.

However, I do think that the constantly cool climate to which I am exposed has played a major factor in slowing down my metabolism and contributed to my already-sedentary lifestyle. Oh well. You can't have it all.

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