Sunday, March 14, 2004

weekend warrior

Yesterday was spent first at DnA's preparations. The gelpren and I helped D along with choosing pictures for the video presentation. Met D's dog Hugo again. I used to be quite annoyed with him because he'd sniff all around my feet and hump occasionally. He still does that but because I'm with Paavo a whole lot more I think I'm more understanding towards man's best friend. I think I actually like dogs and on more than one occasion I've petted the bomb-sniffing dogs at the office lobby. These creatures do bring out a caring bone in people and I understand their affinity for these animals.

Back to the wedding preparations. It was funny how A had so much more pictures than D and he was the guy. Well it really stems from the fact that the first child (between siblings of the same gender) usually has a lot more pictures than the younger children. I've seen that in my own family. My younger sisters used to continually complain that their pictures used to fit in just a couple of albums while mine filled a considerably larger amount of space. Maybe parents are really just trigger-happy for their oldest kids and then get somewhat tired with the latter. Of course with the first child, you have a lot of excitement--not to mention that with younger children, you have to take care of both already, divided time and everything. The pictures ranged from baby pictures to our most recent outings. I'm so glad that I've been a part of these people's lives.

The boys (well some of them at least, including A's dad) were fitted for their traditional barongs. It's funny that our national outfit actually started out as a means for discriminating against Filipinos. I am such a mean person: I actually thought the person fitting them for the barongs was a girl! A dyke, to be more specific. I am such an arse. He was actually a man!

The afternoon was spent waiting for the car and then at RnJ's wedding. RnJ are both officemates who have been together for quite some time although they've had to bide their time because of J's pending annulment from her husband. Now that her first marriage had been annulled, it was now possible for her to marry R, who seems to be the love of her life. I used to be inspired by their story because like D and myself before, R is younger than J by about four years. Well, anyway, their love still inspires me, but of course D and I are no longer together. Took dozens of pictures--more than a hundred, actually. A fun time was had by all, despite the fact that the girls who rode with me and I were late.

Today we had lunch at Rommel's kitchen. Rommel is my friend's chef boyfriend (a friend too) who has a catering business, among others, and whips up mean dishes (his being a chef and all) in this kitchen at the back of Karrivin Plaza on Pasong Tamo Extension. We had a terrific meal made by Rommel's hands and including Pi and M's KFC takeout. [To anyone who's interested, let me know (tag, email or text me).] It was the first time I had been in a (sort-of) industrial kitchen. It was nice watching him cook and taking in all the smells--the garlic, the herbs, the marinated and grilling meat. It was a feast for the senses, especially but not limited to taste. I also met new people, am always glad for that opportunity.

Bespren J and I went over to Harrison Plaza afterward. J finds the Seattle's Best in the new HP Village Square quite conducive for studying. Meanwhile, I searched for my priority items--the new Cosmo and Real Living magazines, an adaptor for the phone box (to plug in an extension--eek! don't tell the PLDT on me), and batteries for my digicam. Am currently charging the 2100 mAh Sanyo batteries I bought (PhP399 in the SM WorkShop--with a clueless saleslady to boot, PhP253 in Kameraworld, guess where I bought it... shame on you SM! for once you were overpriced!). I was also able to score a little gift for DnA which I will present to them after their wedding.

The weekend was fun and tiring. It being fun, though, usually cancels out the tiring. Am reminded that I only have PhP1,500 until the end of the month, though. Poor me. And no retroactive increase and/or 14th month pay in sight.

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