Friday, February 13, 2004

who knows?

Just might watch Milan (not Mulan ha!) over the weekend. If I get tired of watching Piolo and Claudine acting, then I can just focus on the scenery. Although I don't think I will get tired of watching Piolo, that guy is quite hot, thank you--and I don't care if they say he's gay. Eye candy. I watched him on Boy Abunda's Private Conversations last night and I don't remember a thing he said. Maybe because I was half-asleep and just looking at that face.

Was quite glad to see an Internet Movie Database for Milan, HOWEVER, it was blank. Paging the internet-savvy ABS-CBN/Star Cinema people! It helps, you know.

T-1 till V-Day
No date, no nothing. No sudden declarations of affection, like I was expecting anything. Will have a good day tomorrow, though.

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