Monday, February 16, 2004

ignore me, will you

One of my pet peeves is being ignored. Especially by people with whom you figure you have a good relationship. Okay, so Z wasn't particularly warm about my coffee invite--which is fine with me, him being my ex and our not being particularly close and everything. But AM is a different story. He and I are close friends. Or I thought we were. Today is his birthday. Yesterday I was texting him if he was going to be in the Makati area because I had a gift for him. No response. Today I greeted him happy birthday. Still no response. But when I rang his phone for a missed call, someone answered (unfortunately I had conditioned myself to drop the call right away, I didn't realized that someone had answered until it reflected on my phone). Oh well. Maybe he's out of town. I guess I wouldn't know because I haven't spoken with him since after Del's wedding. Sigh. I hate it when friendships take a sad turn like this.

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