Sunday, February 15, 2004

the v-day that was

Well, Valentine's Day came and went, and it wasn't all that bad. Bespren J. and I went to South Spa near both our houses; it's a swank spa at Kingswood at the corner of Pabol Ocampo Extension and (the constantly under repair) Pasong Tamo. Since I never had a swanky spa experience before (Bangkok Spa at Dread Pirate Square is quite alright but not posh) I was pleased with all the niceties. Of course that comes with a price but it really helps you to relax. The spa experience was a short-lived joy, though. I really have to replace my bed. Sunday morning rolled in and I still wasn't all that well-rested. Poor me.

Anyway, after South Spa, J. and I were supposed to grab a bite at Suzu-kin; however it was already closed so we meandered down Kamagong and found Pan n Pals open at that time. It's a nice cozy place, not big but not too small; the owners were quite nice--it's always like that when a place is starting up--and J. is considering it for her birthday party coming around next month. I'm glad that I spent time with her. It's been quite a while and we haven't been able to share what's been happening in our lives lately. It was a good Valentine's Day. We went someplace new and out of the way, with lots of potential.

Also I got a text from AB. I knew it was a forwarded text but it still made my day nonetheless. Doesn't matter if I seem to be reading more into this than there actually is. Pathetic, but what the heck. It serves its purpose for the meantime.

the day after
Spent almost the entire afternoon at A.'s house having our measurements taken for our dresses for DnA's wedding. We will be having slightly shirred-breast mid-calf dresses in light old rose. It was fun; lots of girl talk and chika with the titas. A's mom was ever the nice person. Tita B, D's mom, was her usual loquacious self, snippets of droll humor included. Lunch was served (yum!) and there was loads of dessert. As always, Marga is the belle of the ball--GF and I are more on the taciturn side, although I can be quite talkative when I wish, but Marga is eternally bubbly. Of course the titas just love her. I was photographer--took pictures while fitting was going on. The kids were cute--it's always nice to see how kids get along almost instantly. When you get older, it becomes harder to get along with people. I always thought that was too bad.

Now on to losing weight before the wedding. Is important! However, the goal of losing weight took a major blow because we had dinner at Friday's. Okay, so I had the uber-healthy tomato-basil chicken linguini, but of course I had more than a handful of fries, breaded fish fillet and oh so yummy banana split pie. Hmmmm. Must... lose... weight... for... wedding... help... succumbing to temptation... aaaahhh... yes I want fries with that!!!

he could be hung
Remember my American Idol posts? Well, last week Nins and I were watching American Idol and we came across William Hung. The guy is an instant celebrity! And he's probably gonna make cameos on American Idol. Bravo! Nins and I were alternating between wincing and laughing while he was on TV, but we conceded that he did have spunk and was undeniably gracious. Just wait till he creates a new robotic arm and becomes as rich as Bill Gates and then produces his own TV show. Whoop de do.

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