Friday, February 06, 2004

of buendia and budget breakfasts

Been leaving home quite early the past few days because I've had to bring the woman from whom I sprang forth to work since the male parental unit is in the province. Buendia is a freaking nightmare when you pass there late--there are ongoing public works at the Emilia, Taft and Pasong Tamo intersections; besides my mother has always been a stickler for punctuality (I have noticed an occasional dagger look when we leave late because I will be brought to work first). I don't usually get to have breakfast at home.

Anyway, leaving Roxas-Buendia at 7am usually brings you to Makati by 7:15. Usually. Wednesday was a good day, I was along dela Rosa-Amorsolo by 7:15, so I decided to make a side trip to (dread pirate den) to drive-through at still-my-preferred-fastfood-place McDo. Hmmm Sausage McMuffin, a hash brown and iced tea. Yum. Just PhP55. However, if I was going to do that everyday AND spring for lunch, I don't think I'd have enough cash left to indulge my whims. So yesterday, I really tried to eat breakfast at home. Apparently, eating at six in the morning doesn't last me till lunchtime. So scrap that. Anyway, today I had a a French Baker muffin from home, instant coffee from a pack that I had brought and leftover pasta from Wednesday's lunch. At 7:30am. Nice. I didn't spend a thing and I wasn't hungry until 11:30. Nice one.

How ho-hum my life has been these past few days. I gues I just wrote this to indeed prove that, starting at breakfast, I don't really have a typical day.

last night's starworld menu
It was the last episode of Roswell. Okay, I don't really follow Roswell the way I follow Buffy, but I still have watched a substantial number of episodes. I think Shiri Appleby is pretty. [Pretty much the same reason I watch Smallville, because I like seeing Kristine Kreuk. Feh, call me a lesbian if you want. Anyway, it was a very anticlimactic ending... An ending for the sake of having an ending. Okay, so it was open-ended--maybe they can have a reunion TV movie or something like that--but I really thought it was disappointing. My goodness, they had Tess blow up an Air Force base and then *that* was the followup? Sayang.

And then there was the first episode of American Idol season 3. Admittedly I had quite a number of good laughs at both the contestants and the judges. The judges are sometimes holier-than-thou, but a lot of their comments were well-put and sometimes quite witty. But MAN! Those people who auditioned! Some of them were in a class all their own. There were quite a lot of tone-deaf people (I thought I could actually sing better than some of them)--did they know that they were joining a singing contest. And there was that funny montage of people singing "A Whole New World". Oh well.

Just realized that there were quite a lot of kooks out there and some people are really just plain deluded. Admittedly, the judges can sometimes be harsh--one girl looked like she was going to cry, but I guess that's their job. Maybe those people shouldn't have joined if they couldn't take the heat, knowing the show that they were auditioning for. I don't think I'll enjoy watching Americna Idol after this, though. I think shows like these (including the copycats Star in a Million and Starstruck) are quite boring, thank you. Give me For Love or Money, Joe Millionaire and The Bachelorette anytime.

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