Tuesday, February 10, 2004

sad news at work, and
thoughts on motherhood

My officemate L.'s son died inside his wife's womb. Everyone at work is stunned. Maleen can't concentrate on her work, he was her teammate on our integration project. Our shoulders are all slumped and our faces all sad. V. was crying earlier and I thought I was going to shed tears too. I feel so bad for L., he was so excited about being a first-time father. He had already bought a digicam and scheduled additional leave days so that he could spend time with his mother and child... alas, it wasn't meant to be.

They say that male children are more prone to dying in the mother's womb; my boss says they turn out to be the weaker sex because girl babies are more resilient and "fighters". I wonder if this is true, but then most of the "miracle babies" I've seen on TV are actually girls. Even that baby who fell in a well and took days to rescue was a girl. There may be some truth to that after all.

It's time to get back to work, at least to get our minds off it. I wonder if L. will want to get back to work right away, but as I mentioned to M., he'll probably need to be there to support his wife. Mrs. L. is going to be terribly distraught--I can't imagine a mother's pain upon losing the child that she carried for nine months. I really don't think I have it in me to be a mother.

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