Sunday, February 08, 2004

on greenhills and the search for jelly kelly bags

Apparently, these Jelly Kelly bags are the in thing now, although I've seen articles on it from September last year. I've never been one for following fads, although sometimes I think that the fad is practical enough to purchase and the fact that it's in just warrants a little extra cash-out on my part. My sister wants one, though, because her friend apparently has a contact at a company who supplies these bags for export; although they say the real bags are made in Italy.

I agree the bags are cute, but I don't think I would shell out PhP11,000 (going price at K & Co. at Rockwell) for one of these babies. That's kinda steep, I think; and I think's it's just a passing fad, unlike the more "staid" bags if you may that do cost the same amount but which you can use everyday fo ryears to come. So there. We saw some imitation stuff when we went around Greenhills but of course it didn't look as nice as the real thing. There were also bags selling for PhP6k that they said were the original, although I didn't really bother to look anymore.

Here are more thoughts from our Greenhills day:
  • I forgot that you should never wear shoes that you haven't totally broken in.
  • I should remember my budget: had to pass up the Mango wallet because I spent all the money on blouses in Shoppesville and the tiangge.
  • Such a wonderful place--where else can you get a set of sheets for only PhP380?
  • Always have money set aside for "things-I-don't-really-need-now-but-will-probably-regret-not-buying-when-I-need-it-in-the-future".
  • DVDs might be a good idea but I will never trade Dread Pirate Square for anything--convenience is the key.

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