Friday, February 20, 2004

still at work

Oh yeah, my social life's doing great, huh.

[taking a break]
I'm staring at the stuff on my table. There are numerous piles of paper; keys, scissors, cellphone strewn about. Haphazard arrangement. And then I sneak a glance at Maleen's table. Impeccable as usual. No wonder I always get a "needs improvement" for my neatness and organization in all my performance appraisals. I figure, when I come back the next day, I'm going to mess it up again, so why waste my time doing that?

They say that the state of your desk mirrors the state of your mind. I think that's true. There are some things that are still pending that I've pushed to the back of my mind, maybe because there's been no time, maybe because I've not been able to face them. Like forgetting Z. Z is always there ("You are always on my mind..."), it seems; I can't seem to let go. But I know I must. Ah, my cluttered mind. Maybe I could take a couple of days off to bring some semblance of organization.

It's suddenly become very quiet here at the office and I'm the only one here. I think I will send off the last of my emails and go. Home. Rest. Badminton tomorrow. Am nervous and excited.

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