Wednesday, February 18, 2004

couch potato

Told my friend KP that I was going home early to fetch my mom and then watch Charmed. She groaned: "Naman..." But I meant it. Sometimes I just watch Charmed to get away from it all. I need time to not think. And considering the show on the 9pm slot is CSI, I really need all the brain snooze time I can get before launching into Grissom's fascinating world. I wonder if there's a Pinoy CSI fan group with a yahoogroup.

There were spirited discussions on the PinoySlayer list regarding the Wiccan show, both pro and con, and I thought it was a pretty good thread. Although, notably, it was on a Buffy list and not on a Charmed list. But then, go to a Charmed list and everyone will like Charmed, right? So it was good. I like Charmed sometimes though, aside from the fact that they all look so good, I like the mythology of it all. Sometimes interesting.

There's a girl with X-ray vision! Gosh darn it! That's the best piece of news I've seen this whole week...

The first bit of news I heard all week was that Angel was ending after five seasons. And to think they haven't even shown the fourth season here yet. This was quite a stunning blow, especially since Angel is the only link left to the Buffyverse. I do hope something happens to extend the series, or maybe the much-awaited spinoff will occur. It's sad but c'est la vie after all. Who knows, it may pave the way for bigger and better things for the Whedon franchises.

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