Tuesday, February 10, 2004

slay these!

Buffy's seventh season started on ch23 last night, to my utter delight. I haven't watched this season yet, or downloaded the episodes, or what-not. I guess I just wanted to feel the thrill of going home to watch a new Buffy episode once a week. Last night's episode, they were back to the creepy-crawlies, because Sunnydale High is back in business, yes, still over the Hellmouth. Business involved a talisman which brought back souls that died in the school seeking vengeance on the Buffster for not being able to protect them. Xander was "spiffy" and "double-O Xander" for turning up in a suit. He also has a new car, goody! Xander saves the day (hurrah for leftover save-the-day energy from last season). Giles is rehabilitating Willow in England--with really good cinematography, I might say. And in Sunnydale High, Spike. Is. In. The. Basement. Talking to all the past big bads, and Buffy... is it all in his head, or is a greater evil afoot? Ah, it'll be a blast watching this season.

To continue my Buffy slant (since I haven't written about Buffy in ages), I'm just going to pay homage to the following blogs:

And finally here's something I got from amyslayer's site:
Your Perfect Angel Episode by miggy
Your Name
Angelreunites with Connor
Wesleydoes research
Spikesaves the day
Gunnstops with the lawyer act and pulls out some guns
Fredkisses Spike
Harmonyloses an important artifact
Lornesaves the day when he hears a bad guy humming
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And yes, amyslayer... I did cheat too (just changed my name).

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