Thursday, February 12, 2004

two days

Until Valentine's Day. Of course there is that persistent thought at the back of my head--hey last year at Valentine's you had flowers, dinner, the whole kit-and-caboodle (?) and this year... wala. Nada. You're on your own. Go sulk somewhere and meditate on your alone-ness.

But I'm not. You see I have plans this Valentine's Day. Am planning to start the day off with badminton with the other people from my mailing list; then rest for a while. Then I'm off to the spa with Bespren J. (am definitely looking forward to this). And then off to Pete's place with Ry. Nice day! Of course am highlighting the fact that I'm actually single, but then I just tell myself, it's probably just a few more loveless Valentine's until I find my forever-Valentine, or maybe he (or she!) finds me. Hahaha.
If you're interested in free SMS, especially internationally, try out It's not really a free site but they have a program that gives you eight credits a day. A text to Globe or Smart is worth three credits, but a text to most phone companies in the US is worth one credit. Am glad because I get to text MJ a lot again. For PhP10 text, it saves me PhP50 a day on the average, and that's good for my wallet. (Wallet Death is staved off until purchase of LoTR special edition DVDs.) And I'm glad that I'm renewing ties with MJ. I still think about the could-have-beens, but generally I'm just thankful that we're still friends, and anytime I do go to Cali at least I can freeload for two days (or so he says).

wedding of the century
Sit back, Hollywood weddings! You are not worthy! The so-called wedding of the century, the double wedding of the sons of Sahara tycoon Subrata Roy, will merge politics, Bollywood and cricket, will be filmed by a top filmmaker, and will be attended by the Indian Prime Minister and 11,000 other guests. Eleven thousand. That is, of course, more people than I've known in my lifetime (I think).

who is she?
The perpetual quote-a-day calendar that N. gave me (which my officemate Kim compiled when he was still working in Sterling) has this quote today: "Still remember, she is your companion, the friend in whom you may confide at all times, and from whom you may obtain counsel and comfort." I wonder, is he referring to a man's wife, or to Mother Mary?

I have always been a devotee of the Blessed Mother, since childhood, although lately, it seems that my devotion has fallen by the wayside. I haven't said a rosary since October; and I have not lit candles by her image since heaven knows when. I haven't heard mass in our parish for almost a year now, since I always hear mass at the mall or at another parish where it's airconditioned. I'll remember this week. I'll try. I promise.

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